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     By a writing dated the 30th September 1701 at Williamsburg, Color Francis Nicholson, Governor of Virginia, appointed the following gentlemen as a Commission of the Peace for Stafford County, Virginia
John Waugh Junior
Charles Ellis

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     It is stated in Indenture 7 March 1726 that Elizabeth Elzey wife of Lewis Elzey of Overwharton Parish, Stafford county, was the daughter of Giles Traves, who bequeathed her 400 acres of land by his last will. Elzey and wife now convey this land to Hugh French.

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     Stafford county, Virginia Will Book M 529-530.

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     CHAPTER 7

James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH
1a.           James (Rev.) KEITH was born about 1696/97 in Peterhead, Aberdeen, Scotland, the son of Robert Keith. Rev. KEITH died in 1752/53 in Hamilton Parish, Virginia. He and his wife are buried under chancel of old Elk Run Church, Fauquier County, Virginia (according to Baird). He was 1745-1758 Episcopal Parson in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier County, Virginia. He married Mary Isham RANDOLPH 2 Mar 1732/3 near Germantown, Virginia, Hamilton Parish, Prince William County (now Fauquier).

He was a divinity student at Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland. Fought for Stuart cause in 1719, then with a price on his head, escaped to France, then to Virginia. Returned to England to be ordained a Priest by Bishop of London. Rector of Henrico Parish, VA prior to 1732. Then rector of Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., VA till death. Immigrated to Virginia 4 Mar 1727/1728. “Veritas Vincit" motto of Keiths of Scotland. Will proved June 25, 1753, Manassas Court House, Prince William County, Minute Book 1752-53, p 163, but Will Book with copy of will is now lost.

Mary Isham RANDOLPH was born in 1718 in Virginia, and died in 1772 in Leeds Parish, Fauquier County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas (of Tuckahoe) RANDOLPH and Judith FLEMING. According to Paxton’s The Marshall Family Mary was errant child and deranged in her old age. The story is told of her secret marriage to “a subaltern in the British army and when her marriage and hiding place were discovered, her husband and child were murdered by her brothers”. According to Somerville, a piece of her wedding dress is in Maysville, Kentucky, library.

From Elston/Carpenter - Spicer/Keith Family Tree by Keith Elston
According to Hardy's Colonial Families in the Southern States of America, Rev. James KEITH left Scotland in 1715 for his support of James Edward, son of Queen Anne Stewart for the throne of England and Scotland against George, son of Princess Sophia of Hanover.
In 1701, fearing a return to Catholicism and intent upon eliminating Scottish Rule of England, the English Parliament passed the Act of Settlement which declared that the monarch must be a Protestant in line with the Church of England and determined that King William II of England would therefore be succeeded by his sister-in-law, Anne Stewart, daughter of James VII. Further, should Anne have no children to succeed her, she should be followed by Sophia, electress of Hanover, who was the nearest Protestant relative.
Since James VII's son, James Edward, was a Catholic, the Act sought to prevent his claiming his rightful place on the English Throne. Supporters of James Edward, including George Keith, Ninth Earl Marischal and many members of his clan, were loosely called Jacobites.
The Jacobite cause built from William II's death in 1702 until the battle of Sheriffmuir in November 1715, when the Earl of Mar's Highlander Jacobite forces were defeated by the Duke of Argyll's infantry. While few Jacobites were put to death, many were imprisoned and many more (including George Earl Marischal) had their property and titles taken from them by the English. Sir George, the Earl Marischal, and his brother James KEITH fled to the European continent. Other Keiths, apparently including Rev. James KEITH and his cousins George and James (sons of William KEITH of Scotland), came to America. (Rev. James later returned to Aberdeen to take his Orders in the Church of England.)
Rev. James first settled in Henrico County, VA and was given a parish there. He is reputed to have been a nephew of Bishop Robert Keith of Scotland, but may have actually been a cousin. He was unquestionably a close relative of Sir George, with whom he corresponded regularly and from whom he received a coin of the reign of Philip V of Spain, on one side of which is engraved the Keith Arms. This coin may still be in the possession of one of James' descendants.
He m. Mary Isham Randolph, dau. of Thomas [p.312] and Judith (Fleming) Randolph, of "Tuckahoe," Henrico Co., Va. Rev. James Keith was the minister of Henrico parish, one of the largest and most important parishes in Virginia.(19) It included not only Tuckahoe and other Randolph plantations on the James but the rapidly growing town of Richmond as well. A refugee from the abortive 1715 Jacobite uprising in Scotland, the Reverend Keith was particularly effective in the pulpit. He was a bachelor, but he was seventeen years older than Mary and, like much of the Anglican clergy in colonial Virginia, enjoyed a reputation for licentiousness. Mary and James had an affair and appear to have been discovered in flagrante delicto. The Randolphs, who held two seats on the vestry of Henrico parish, forced Keith's resignation and did their utmost to prevent the pair from seeing each other. Keith resigned as minister of the parish on October 12, 1733, and departed for Maryland immediately thereafter.
The episode was handled gingerly by church authorities. Commissary James Blair, the Church of England's representative in Virginia, and a former minister of Henrico parish, wrote to the Bishop of London that "Mr. Keith has privately left this parish and Country, being guilty of fornication with a young Gentlewoman, whose friends did so dislike his character that they would not let her marry him." Blair, however, soon had second thoughts about the precipitate action against Keith. On March 24, 1734, he wrote a follow-up letter to the bishop stating that "I gave your Lordship an account of the misfortune which occasioned [Rev. Keith's resignation] tho' I did not then know what I have learned since that from some of the circumstances in his case, our Governor recommended him to the Governor of Maryland." The circumstances are not mentioned by Blair, but presumably pertained to the fact that James Keith and Mary Randolph were deeply in love. The following year Blair rescinded Keith's exile to Maryland and appointed him minister of the frontier parish of Hamilton in what subsequently became Fauquier County. When Mary came of age, she and James Keith were married, and between them they had eight children.
James Keith, born in 1697, was the son of a professor at Marischal College in Aberdeen. Most of the Keiths, however, were soldiers: a military family whose lineal descendants bore the title Earl Marischal and who traced their roots to ancient Scottish and Saxon kings. Their soldierly exploits won wide reknown and were celebrated in song and legend. Robert Keith, the first Earl Marischal, led the decisive cavalry charge at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314, culminating Scotland's struggle for independence. George Keith (1553-1623), the fifth Earl Marischal, founded Marischal College. His grandson, the seventh Earl Marischal, supported the restoration of Charles II and was keeper of the privy seal of Scotland. Another grandson, John, first Earl of Kintore, held the family castle Dunnottar against Cromwell during the civil wars and preserved the regalia of Scotland, keeping it from falling into the hands of the Puritans.
After the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which brought William and Mary to the throne, the Keiths continued to side with the Scottish James II (the Pretender, James Edward) and helped to raise the armies that fought on his behalf. The Earl Marischal commanded the Jacobite forces that landed in Scotland in 1715, where they made a desperate but doomed effort to rally the highland clans to the Pretender's cause. When the rebellion failed, the Keiths fled. James Keith, a first cousin of the Earl Marischal, came to Virginia. His companion, James Francis Edward Keith, the Earl Marischal's younger brother, continued as a soldier, first in the Spanish, then the Russian, and finally in the Prussian army.

Keith Elston Sources:
Keith Elston, Essex Junction, VT 05452 Email: fins3@sover.net452
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The Randolphs of Virginia A Compilation of the Descendants of William Randolph of Turkey Island and his wife Mary Isham of Bermuda Hundred, Randolph, Robert Isham, privately published, 1936, p 77
Children of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH
2a.          James KEITH, Jr. was born in 1734 in Hamilton Parish, then Prince William County, 1759 became Fauquier County, Virginia. James died 16 October 1824 in Alexandria, Virginia. He studied law at Williamsburg and was the Clerk of County Court in Frederick County, Virginia for 62 years serving from 1762 to 1824. James married Catherine CONTEE daughter of John CONTEE and Margaret SNOWDEN. (Hardy says he married Charlotte ASHMAN and had John, James, Catherine, Beth, Mary and Charlotte Ashman, but I think Somerville and Larry Keith are more accurate.) His will was proved November 15, 1824 in Fairfax County, VA. Book 1 p 294.

Children according to Somerville and Larry Keith:
3a.          Elizabeth Contee KEITH, b abt. 1754, never married
3b.          John Contee KEITH, b abt. 1755 died February 27, 1835. Married Isabella GORDON daughter of Alexander George GORDON and Mary MORRIS. John on 1820 VA Census in Fairfax living alone.

4a.          Mary Eliza KEITH born about 1832 married (Dr.) John Randolph KEITH son of Dr. Anderson Doniphan KEITH and Catherine Contee KEITH
5a.          Catherine Contee KEITH married R.W. BEAN
5b.          Thomas Anderson KEITH
4b.          Lewis Gordon KEITH married in 1842 Eliza Maria SANXAY
5a.          Mary Isham KEITH born June 8, 1843 in Richmond died May 3, 1913 married Rev. Emmett Reeves VAUGHAN on April 6, 1870 in Petersburg.

3c.          James KEITH, b. abt. 1757, died 1846, never married
3d.          Margaret Snowden KEITH, b. abt. 1758, died February 23, 1859, never married
3e.          Mary KEITH, b. abt 1759, died About 1813, never married
3f.          Jane Anne Contee KEITH, b. abt. 1761, never married
3g.          Thomas Randolph KEITH, b. abt. 1765
3h.          Catherine Contee KEITH married November 2, 1826 in Alexandria her first cousin, Dr. Anderson Doniphan KEITH, son of John KEITH and Mary Elizabeth DONIPHAN.

4a.          Dr. John Randolph KEITH b. 1824 in KY (see 1850 KY Census, Bracken County) married Mary Eliza KEITH, daughter of John Contee KEITH and Isabella GORDON.
4b.          William KEITH b. 1817 in KY

2b.          John KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born abt 1735 and died 27 Nov 1809 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Division and Allotment of his Estate in Fauquier County, Virginia dated 27 Nov 1809. He married Mary Elizabeth DONIPHAN in 1755, the daughter of Joseph DONIPHAN.

3a.          Susannah KEITH married Enoch FURR
3b.          Elizabeth KEITH b: abt 1768 married Taliaferro GRIGSBY, son of Samuel GRIGSBY and Nancy Ann unknown

4a.          Matilda GRIGSBY b. abt 1786
4b.          Nancy Ann GRIGSBY married February 5, 1808, George MCCLANAHAM in Fauquier, died 1863 Posey Co., IN
4c.          Hebe GRIGSBY married February 9, 1826 Milan HANCOCK, Henderson Co., KY
4d.          Lucy Jane GRIGSBY married December 23, 1830 her first cousin William Young NELSON
4e.          Mary Ann GRIGSBY married William A. WALTON and died January 8, 1844
4f.          John R. GRIGSBY b. abt 1790 married Mary CURTIS and died in Henderson Co., KY
4g.          Thomas GRIGSBY b abt 1803 married Sarah unknown and died 1848 in McCracken Co., KY
4h.          William Alexander GRIGSBY b. February 6, 1810 married Priscilla Ann POWELL in Union Co., KY on February 18, 1836 died April 21, 1894 in Putnamville, IN.

3c.          Thomas A. KEITH b: 14 MAR 1770 and died December 29, 1840. He married his cousin Judith KEY, March 25, 1799, daughter of Judith KEITH and James KEY in Mason County, KY.

4a.          Mary Isham KEITH born abt 1801 married 1st Benjamin APPLEGATE and 2nd GINN.
4b.          Susan McClung KEITH born abt 1803 married 1st Basil OWENS and 2nd James Bayley CLAYBROOK June 14, 1830 in Mason County, KY
4c.          James A. KEITH b abt 1805 died in Mason County, KY, never married
4d.          John Arbuthnutt KEITH born August 20, 1810 died February 11, 1896 married Lucy M. COX.

5a.          Alexander KEITH
5b.          John KEITH died in infancy
5c.          Alice KEITH born about 1858 in Maysville KY married H.K. ADAMSON 1882 in Cincinnati, Ohio
5d.          Thomas A. KEITH born about 1860 in Maysville KY, last known owner of the Keith coin given to Rev. KEITH. Thomas married Anna Dudley RICHARDSON.
5e.          George Cox KEITH born about 1862 in Madison County, KY, married Eizabeth Hall (Bessie) OWENS on December 14, 1898
5f.          Judith Ann KEITH born about 1865 in KY married Edward BROWNING

4e.          Eliza KEITH born about 1811 married Darius BERRY July 29, 1828
4f.          Judith KEITH born about 1812 never married
4g.          Louisa KEITH born about 1813 married Alexander KEITH, Jr.
4h.          Peyton M. KEITH born about 1814 never married. Will found in Mason County, KY dated 1846 left 106 acres to his sisters Louisa and Harriet.
4i.          Harriet KEITH born about 1815 never married

3d.          Alexander Doniphan KEITH b: abt 1772 and died 1853 in Fauquier. He married Elizabeth STEWART born about 1777 and died after 1850. See 1850 VA Census, Fauquier Ashby District.

4a.          Susan Tarleton KEITH born March 9, 1796 married Thomas William BRENT August 12, 1817
4b.          Alice Violett KEITH born about 1807
4c.          Mary KEITH married Nimrod BISHOP October 8, 1814 in Fauquier
4d.          Lucy J. KEITH married John A. DAWSON February 14, 1812 in Fauquier

3e.          Peyton Randolph KEITH b: 20 June 1778 (Somerville says born 1786 and this is confirmed with 1850 IL census, Brown County) married 1st Judith NELSON and 2nd Judith Y. GIBSON on January 25, 1811 in Fauquier. Will is dated 1853.

By his first wife Judith NELSON he had:
4a.          Isham KEITH born September 28, 1808 in Fauquier died December 12, 1881 in Columbus, IN and is buried at City Cemetery in Columbus. Isham married June 2, 1831, Diadema FRAZEE born September 28, 1814 and died April 7, 1886.

5a.          John Alexander KEITH born May 29, 1832 in Germantown, Mason Co., KY and died December 10, 1910. An attorney he married Melissa CRISLER November 1, 1859. See 1860 IN Census Bartholomew County, Columbus living next door to Isham.
5b.          Judith Ann KEITH born September 28, 1834 died May 27, 1904 in Columbus IN.
5c.          Squire Isham KEITH born November 30, 1837 in Dover, Mason Co., KY and died October 8, 1862 at Battle of Pea Ridge, Perryville, Chaplin Hills, KY
5d.          Joseph Anderson KEITH born March 17, 1841 died 1843
5e.          Diadema (Pink) Frances KEITH born May 27, 1845 in Fayette, IN, died Nov. 12, 1922 in Chicago. Buried in Columbus. Married Thomas Benton PRATHER.
          Bill Bickell is down this line.

With second wife Judith GIBSON born 1788 in VA and died abt 1836 in Lewis Co. KY had:
4b.          James M. KEITH born April 8, 1812, died December 4, 1888 married 1st Cynthiana A. GARLAND. See 1850 Illinois Census Brown County for children. Married 2nd Abigail Ann BROWN after 1877.
4c.          Mary KEITH born about 1814 married James W. KIRK
4d.          John Randolph KEITH born about 1819 and died March 14, 1874 in Columbus, IN married Mary Eliza WINTER January 8, 1845. See 1870 IN Census Bartholomew County, Columbus.
4e.          Judith Amelia KEITH born 1821 died 1875 married Richard Pickle BRUCE
4f.          Eliza Ann KEITH born 1823 in KY
4g.          Alexander KEITH born 1824 in KY
4h.          Peyton A. KEITH born 1825 in KY died January 12, 1887. He married Mary MOSES born 1831 in Ohio died June 16, 1897. Both are buried in the Bell-Keith Cemetery, Brown Co., IL.

5a.          Peyton Randolph KEITH born July 26, 1856 in IL died December 17, 1945 married Mary E. BELL born 1855 in IL and died September 15, 1887. Both are buried in the Bell-Keith Cemetery.
5b.          John A. KEITH 1858-1938 married Maggie Ellen BELL 1866-1946. Buried in the Bell-Keith Cemetery.
5c.          Joseph D. KEITH born about 1862
5d.          Francis Marion KEITH born about 1864
5e.          Mary J. KEITH born about 1868
5f.          Charles I. KEITH born about 1869

4i.          George Alexander KEITH born about 1826 married Percila HARTRICK
4j.          Susan T. KEITH born 1828 in KY died 1892 married Linn WILLIAM
4k.          America Jane KEITH born 1831 in KY died 1892 married William MEATS
4l.          Caroline M. KEITH born 1834 in KY married George W. ROBERTS

3f.          Joseph Doniphan KEITH b: abt 1779 in Virginia
3g.          Dr. Anderson Doniphan KEITH b: abt 1783 married 1st Amelia GEORGE, 2nd Mary DONIPHAN, daughter of Joseph DONIPHAN and Mary Fowke SMITH on October 30, 1808 in Mason County, KY, and 3rd Catherine Contee KEITH, daughter of James KEITH, Jr. and Catherine CONTEE on November 2, 1826 in Washington, D.C. Mothers of 3 children in question.

4a.          Dr. William George KEITH (presumably son of Amelia) born about 1817
4b.          Mary Ann born about 1819 (per Keith).
4c.          Dr. John Randolph KEITH born about 1824 in KY. See 1860 KY Census Bracken County living with father. Married Mary Eliza KEITH daughter of John Contee KEITH and Isabella GORDON.

3h.          Judith KEITH b: 15 JAN 1786 married James NELSON August 25, 1806 and lived in Henderson Co., KY

4a.          William Young NELSON born June 2, 1807 who married 1st Lucy Jane GRIGSBY and 2nd Mary C.H. SMITH on August 21, 1834
4b.          Mary Doniphan NELSON born November 18, 1808 and died November 1, 1833
4c.          Nancy Chapman NELSON born June 7, 1810 and died August 19, 1834
4d.          Susan Tarleton NELSON born November 30, 1811 died November 5, 1832
4e.          John Knight NELSON born June 23, 1813 and died August 12, 1834
4f.          Elizabeth Keith NELSON born February 6, 1815
4g.          Harriet Alexander NELSON born October 30, 1816
4h.          Matilda Agnes NELSON born July 20, 1818

3i.          George Fleming KEITH b: abt 1793 in Virginia married Agnes MCCOY born 1797 in KY. See 1850 KY Census Pendleton County for 10 children.

2c.          Thomas (Capt.) Randolph KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born in 1736 in Virginia and died in the Fall of 1805 (according to Judith’s pension application) near Evans, Columbus County, Georgia. He is buried in the old Keith burying ground in an unmarked grave. His religion was Episcopal. On September 3, 1787 he was granted 20,626 acres in Fayette Co., KY. His property is found in an estate settlement surveyed by Peter Conway 1811 Virginia Book 5, p 230. In July 1777 he was a Gentleman Justice of the Peace. Thomas married Judith BLACKWELL who was born in 1759 and died 17 April 1857 in Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia. They were married 25 May 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia. See Judith’s Will at end of this chapter. Judith was the daughter of Joseph BLACKWELL and Lucy STEPTOE (see Chapter 4). According to Hayden she lived to see 5 generations of her family.

3a.            Tarleton Fleming KEITH was born about 1776 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Tarleton died before 2 Sep 1846 in Columbia County, GA. He married Elizabeth C. STONE 21 Sep 1810 in Fauquier County, Virginia, daughter of William.

4a. Harriet KEITH born about 1812 married William VANCE born in KY. They lived in Edgefield District, South Carolina (no marriage record in Fauquier County). William found in1850 KY Census, Edgefield County.

5a.          Samuel VANCE
5b.          Mary Isham Keith VANCE born about 1842 married Pleasant THURMOND about 1863. See 1880 SC Census Edgefield County page 249a.
5c.          George VANCE born about 1844 married Tilda MCDANIEL
5d.          Harriet VANCE born about 1847

4b.          Judith Susan P. KEITH born about 1814 married Isaac A. HIBLER on Dec. 24, 1833 in Richmond County, GA . They later moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky.
4c.          Dr. Tarleton Fleming KEITH born Nov. 9, 1816, died after 1850, married Margaret SHIBLEY, March 13, 1841 in Liberty Hill, SC. See 1850 Alabama Census Talladega County.

3b. John Marshall KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born in 1778 in Fauquier County, Virginia and died 11 Nov 1841 in Columbus County, GA. John married Elizabeth JONES, born in SC. See Will at end of Chapter found in Columbia County, GA dated June 6, 1842.

4a          Judith Blackwell KEITH
4b.          Lucy KEITH who married Isaac STONE
4c.          Joseph KEITH born about 1811 in GA and died after 1860 who married Susan SMITH, also born about 1811 in GA on December 21, 1837. See 1860 AL Census Talladega Co.

5a.          William H. KEITH born about 1838 in GA
5b.          Sarah (Sallie) KEITH born about 1841 in AL
5c.          James A. KEITH born about 1843 in AL
5d.          Joseph KEITH born about 1846 in AL married Emma CLEVELAND April 8, 1868.
5e.          Eliza KEITH born about 1856

3c.          James KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born about 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia. James KEITH married Mary P MORRIS 12 Nov 1814 in Fauquier County, Virginia, daughter of Saunders MORRIS and Mary PAYNE. James died 1844, his will was proved in Fauquier November 25, 1844. Children are confirmed in Thomas Keith’s Bounty Warrant papers at end of this chapter.

4a.          Thomas Alexander KEITH born about 1814 married Maria Adelaide McGee. Lived in Talledago, AL.
4b.          Judith Steptoe KEITH born February 4, 1820 in Culpeper died March 9,m 1867 married John Woodville PAYNE February 25, 1841 in Fauquier. Both are buried in Bleak Hill Cemetery, LVA VHI # 0028.
4c.          John Marshall KEITH born about 1822 married Mary Lavinia STEWART
4d.          Fanny R. KEITH born about 1826, 1850 VA Fauquier Census living with sister Judith Payne, married James H. GASKINS.
4e.          Mary Isham KEITH married Richard RIXEY
4f.          Peter KEITH
4g.          Susan Grant KEITH born about 1833, died April 3, 1887 in Fauquier, married Nov. 5, 1849 in Fauquier John S. CLOPTON, son of Nathaniel V. CLOPTON and Sally (Sarah) G. SKINKER.

5a.          James Keith CLOPTON born February 26, 1868 in Fauquier died December 23, 1938. Married Annie Chilton JAMES December 2, 1891, daughter of James Wright JAMES and Lucy Steptoe KEITH. Both are buried at Remington Community Cemetery.
5b.          Nathaniel V. CLOPTON 1850-1925 married Annie M. unknown 1861-1899. Both are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Bealeton, Fauquier

4h.           Harriet S. KEITH married Joseph O. STEWART
4i.          Virginia Isham KEITH born about 1835 married in 1856 Aldridge JAMES (brother of James Wright JAMES who married her sister Lucy Steptoe) born March 2, 1828. See 1880 VA Census, Fauquier, Rappahannock. Aldridge is the son of David JAMES and Susan Grant KEITH.
4j.          Ritchie Rowena KEITH born about 1838 died 1917 married Severe Franci Gallie BEALE 1830-1914. Both are buried in the Beale Cemetery in Remington, VA
4k.          Lucy Steptoe KEITH born 1841 and died 1924 in Orange County, VA. She married James Wright JAMES (his 3rd wife) on May 16, 1867. They are buried at the Rhodesville Cemetery behind Baptist Church in Rhodesville, Orange County, VA. James is the son of David JAMES and Susan Grant Keith.

3d.          Harriet (Hannah) KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph Keith and Judith Blackwell) was born April 5, 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. She died January 27, 1804 and is buried in the Warrenton Cemetery. Harriet married William SKINKER, Jr. of Spring Farm 26 Dec 1796 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Bondsman Thomas KEITH. William died 1845, will proved in Fauquier August 25, 1845. See Buck Abstracts and Bolling Batte Papers and History of Virginia American Historical Society 1924, FTM CD # 205.

4a.          Margaret SKINKER
4b.          Peter K. SKINKER born in Fauquier, Will proved in Fauquier August 25, 1845, same date as father. Extensive bequests but apparently not married. See Buck Abstracts.
4c.          Sarah G. (Sally) SKINKER married Dr. Nathaniel V. CLOPTON.

5a.          John S. CLOPTON born abt 1825 married Susan Grant KEITH daughter of James KEITH and Mary Isham (Polly) MORRIS
5b.          Alfred CLOPTON
5c.          Mary Ann CLOPTON
5d.          N.A. CLOPTON born April 7,1886 I Fauquier and married Millie L. unknown

4d.          Thomas SKINKER born about 1805 married (1) Susan MARSHALL November 13, 1827, daughter of Charles MARSHALL and Lucy PICKETT, and (2) married on September 30, 1834 Jane NEILSON born in Ohio. See 1850 MO Census, St. Louis. Children with Jane NEILSON:

5a.          Susan M. SKINKER born about 1835 in VA
5b.          Virginia R. SKINKER born about 1839 in MO
5c.          Thomas Keith SKINKER born 6/9/1845 in St. Louis, MO, a lawyer who married Adela Bertha RIVES December 8, 1869. See her photo in A Southern Girl (see Sources). See National Cyclopedia of American Biography. He is the author of “Samuel Skinker and His Descendants” 1924. He died in St. Louis, January 27, 1924.
5d.          Mary I. SKINKER born about 1847 in MO.
5e.          Anna B. SKINKER born about 1849 in MO, in 1880 Census, living with father.

4e.          Lucy A. Steptoe SKINKER born about 1810, inherited Spring Farm married Thomas H. BOSWELL about 1831. See 1850 VA Census Fauquier, Turner District p 302
4f.          Mary Isham SKINKER born about 1811
4g.          James Keith SKINKER born May 13, 1813 married Elizabeth Eyre CHAMBERS in 1836. Elizabeth was born September 12, 1816 and died February 10, 1908 in Fauquier. They lived at “Huntley” (see Library of Virginia, Virginia Historical Inventory, Fauquier #229) and are buried in the Warrenton Cemetery. See 1850 VA Census, Fauquier, Turner District.

5a.          Margaret (Madge) B. SKINKER born December 26, 1837 at “Huntley”, Fauquier, and died February 22, 1896. She married Dr. John MCELHANY, born July 25, 1835 and died August 16, 1891. They are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
5b.          William Keith SKINKER born at “Huntley”, September 22, 1839 and died August May 27, 1918. Served in Black Horse Cavalry. Married Sarah Antonette EARLY born March 2, 1846 and died May 24, 1916
5c.          Charles B. SKINKER born about 1845 at “Huntley” married Roberta Wellford MORSON daughter of Hon. Arthur Alexander MORSON and Maria Martin SCOTT. They are both buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.
5d.          Rose De Armond SKINKER born January 30, 1843 at “Huntley” died September 9, 1933, married Capt. Bradshaw Beverley TURNER. They are both buried at the Georgetown Cemetery, Fauquier. (Library of Virginia, Virginia Historical Inventory, Georgetown Cemetery).
5e.          Annie H. SKINKER born about 1845 at “Huntley” married Dr. Norman De Vere HOWARD
5f.          Mary I. SKINKER born about 1848 at “Huntley” died 1931 married Capt. John M. GOLDSMITH 1840-1903. Both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
5g.          Elizabeth SKINKER married June 5, 1873 Thomas SMITH, son of William SMITH and Mary GLASCOCK born about 1848.

3e.          Mary Isham RANDOLPH KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born 19 Jun 1789 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Mary died 14 Mar 1868; m. Capt. James PAYNE, 9/07/1815, Fauquier County, Virginia. Both are buried at the Payne Graveyard at “Chestnut Lawn” per David Wright Kelly Bible, LVA #22500. James was born June 20, 1791 in Culpeper and died April 21, 1869 at Chestnut Lawn, Fauquier.

4a.          Marshall Keith PAYNE born November 30, 1816 died September 18, 1894 married Mary Olivia DUKE April 1, 1868
4b.          Susan Judith PAYNE born December 10, 1818 died June 19, 1890 married Enoch JEFFRIES 1818-1900. Both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
4c.          Richard Thomas PAYNE born about 1821
4d.          Harriet Elizabeth PAYNE was born in 1822 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Harriet married Granville James KELLY 11 Jan 1843 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Harriet was the daughter of James PAYNE. Harriet died 30 Apr 1900. Both buried at Payne/Kelly Cemetery at “Chestnut Lawn”, Remington
4e.          Daniel James PAYNE born January 312, 1825 Died February 9, 1900 married Mary Catherine WHEATLEY, and both are buried at “Chestnut Lawn”.
4f.          Mary Isham PAYNE born March 23, 1827 and died August 20, 1855 at Waterloo married James Wright JAMES (his first wife), son of David JAMES and Susan Grant Keith.
4g.          Jane Emily Frances PAYNE 1829-1855

3f. Susan Grant KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born September 30, 1797 in Fauquier County, Virginia married David JAMES (son of John Thomas JAMES and Elizabeth (Betsy) WRIGHT 18 Apr 1818 in Fauquier County, bondsman James PAYNE. Susan died December 7, 1860.

4a.          John Thomas JAMES born January 27, 1819 and died May 14, 1892. He married November 27, 1851, Julia C. SMITH, daughter of John Adams Washington SMITH and Julia A.M. Chapin McPherson. Both are buried in the Warrenton Cemetery.
4b.          Isham Keith JAMES born September 22, 1820 died August 25, 1837
4c.          James Wright JAMES born December 8, 1822 died December 5, 1892 in Orange County, VA. He married 1st Mary Isham PAYNE March 27, 1852, 2nd Susan A. YOUNG June 19, 1860 and 3rd Lucy Steptoe KEITH May 16, 1867, daughter of James KEITH and Mary Isham (Polly) MORRIS. Children with Lucy:

5a.          Marshall “Black” JAMES was born October 31, 1869 in Orange County, VA. Marshall married Agnes Virginia STEWART, December 5, 1900. They had no children. On 1920 VA Census in Orangetown.
5b.          Annie Chilton JAMES born June 19, 1873 and died May 12, 1942 in Remington. She married James Keith CLOPTON December 2, 1891 the son of John S. CLOPTON and Susan Grant KEITH.
5d.          Thomas Alexander JAMES was born August 1, 1874 in Orange County and died April 1, 1963. He married Elizabeth Clark MILLER July 25, 1917

4d.          Mark Anthony Chilton JAMES 1825 - 1828
4e.          Aldridge JAMES born March 2, 1828 married in 1856 Virginia Isham KEITH. Much of the information on this family from Leonard Wood.

5a.          James Keith JAMES born October 20, 1857
5b.          Sally Nancy JAMES born January 2, 1860
5c.          David JAMES born November 29, 1861
5d.          Thomas JAMES born May 11, 1863
5e.          Mary (Marnie) Morris JAMES born September 19, 1864 in Fauquier, never married.
5f.          Susan Grant JAMES born November 22, 1866 married Robert S. CHILTON on October 18, 1893.
5g.          John Marshall JAMES born November 16, 1871 and died June 16, 1938 married Sarah (Sadie) CLOPTON.

4f.          Sally (Sarah) Nancy James born September 13, 1830 and died November 19, 1853 married James H. GASKINS on October 29, 1851.

5a.          Mary Isham GASKINS

4g.          Tarleton Fleming JAMES born October 31, 1832 died August 20, 1892 in Remington married in 1857 Lucy Elizabeth ARMSTRONG. Known as Fleming he served with the Black Horse Cavalry. Lucy was the daughter of John Spilman ARMSTRONG and Sarah Jane SETTLE. Both are buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Bealeton

5a.          Betty Wright JAMES born October 9, 1859 in Culpeper Co. VA and died July 9, 1938 married Douglas T. VASS December 14, 1881. They had no children. Both are buried in the Warrenton Cemetery.
5b.          John Spilman JAMES born May 5, 1861 in Culpeper County died February 16, 1932 in Bealeton. He married Frances Evelyn CHILTON born September 22, 1861 and died August 10, 1931. Both are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Bealeton
5c.          Susan Grant JAMES 1863 - 1865
5d.          Jane Bernice JAMES born February 25, 1866 in Culpeper County, died August 22, 1938 married 1888 Henry Heyward MILLER born July 5, 1863. Both are buried at Jeffersonton Baptist Church, Jeffersonton, VA. Henry was the son of Henry Brent MILLER and Catherine (Kate) WOOD.
5e.          Isham Keith JAMES born May 11, 1868 in Culpeper Court House died April 2, 1941 in Clarksburg, WV, married Sarah Minnie WALIZER born November 9, 1876 in Cedar Run, Clinton Co. PA. They are buried in the Elkview Masonic Cemetery in Clarksburg. Libby Baker is down this line.
5f.          Mary Isham JAMES was born March 2, 1870 in Culpeper County and died April 26, 1926. She married William Ryland BUTTON October 24, 1889 in Fauquier. William was the son of Joseph W. BUTTON and Jane Hixon YOUNG. Both are buried at Jeffersonton Baptist Church.
5g.          Lucy Settle JAMES born July 22, 1872 died December 26, 1945 in Falls Church, Fairfax County, VA, married Harry T. PAYNE.
5h.          Robert Scott JAMES born January 11, 1875 died January 3, 1951 married Jessie KING born August 1878.
5i.          Joseph Settle JAMES born March 4, 1877 died March 27, 1948 married Emma CHILTON. They had no children.
5j.          Tarleton Fleming JAMES 1879 - 1882
5k.          Sally Turner JAMES was born August 23, 1881, lived in Smithfield, WV and married Dr. MILTON, a dentist.

4h.          Mary Isham JAMES born October 26, 1834 and died April 6, 1852 married a SKINKER.
4i.          Judith Harriet JAMES born and died in 1837
4j.          Marshall Keith JAMES born April 15, 1839 and died October 21, 1871 in Alexandria, VA, hit by a train on the eve before his wedding. Served with the Black Horse Cavalry.
4k.          Betty Wright JAMES born April 26, 1841 and died June 6, 1859.

3g.          Peter Grant KEITH (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born about 1798 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Married Katherine unknown and moved to Tennessee.

3h.          Isham KEITH Sr. (child of Thomas Randolph KEITH and Judith BLACKWELL) was born April 11, 1801 at “Woodburn” in Fauquier County, Virginia. Isham married Juliet CHILTON 27 Jan 1823 in Fauquier County, daughter of Major Joseph CHILTON and Ann SMITH. Isham was a Judge in Fauquier County. Isham died 6 Aug 1863 and both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.

4a.          Isham KEITH Jr. was born 6 Sep 1833 in Fauquier County, Virginia and died September 19, 1902. Isham married Sarah Agnes BLACKWELL daughter of William Steptoe BLACKWELL and Anne Sparke GORDON. They are both buried at Warrenton Cemetery.

5a.          William Steptoe KEITH born November 17, 1855, died October 16, 1879, never married.
5b.          Julian Chilton KEITH was born January 9, 1859 of “Dunnottar Farms” (formerly Clifton, see Library of VA, VA Historical Inventory) and died October 10, 1949. He was Master of the Warrenton Hunt, and President of the Warrenton Horse Show. Married 1st Mary Alberta LAPSLEY September 8, 1890 and 2nd Margaret BARRY October 22, 1904.

6a.          Mary Lapsley KEITH married John Boursiquiot ROSE. (See Bible Record of Alexander Fontaine ROSE at Library of Virginia.)
6b.          Lucien KEITH born August 24, 1891
6c.          Isham KEITH born June 22, 1897 died August 23, 1979. Married Lucy Guy BURWELL daughter of Rev. Edward B. BURWELL and Rosa B. SNEED. Both are buried at the Ivy Hill Cemetery, Upperville, Fauquier.

5c.          Lucian KEITH born May 31, 1860 and died March 16, 1933 in Warrenton. (see Keith Family Bible at Virginia Historical Society Mss6:4K269:1. He married Elizabeth J. SHARPLESS, born April 17, 1861 and died September 14, 1920. Both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
5d.          Margaret KEITH born September 7, 1861 and died April 28, 1935. She married Robert William NEILSON October 11, 1882.
5e.          Anne Gordon KEITH born May 27, 1863 married Edward Mason (Ned) SPILMAN December 12, 1906. Both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
5f.          Catherine Isham KEITH born May 23, 1865 and died December 24, 1944. Inherited Keith Place according to Library of Virginia, VA Historical Inventory. Never married. Buried in Warrenton Cemetery.
5g.          Isham KEITH born February 25, 1867 and died September 14, 1936. He married Jesse Lee HALL October 20, 1906. Both are buried in Warrenton Cemetery.

6a.          Jessie Lee KEITH born June 28, 1915
6b.          Isham KEITH born June 1913 in Clarksburg, WV (See Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography)

5h.          James KEITH born November 21, 1868 died July 24, 1918 and is buried at Warrenton Cemetery. He married Josephine NOBLE April 8, 1891. This family in Chilton/Smith/Keith Family Bible at Virginia Historical Society.

6a.          Sarah A. KEITH
6b.          William Steptoe KEITH
6c.          Katherine Isham KEITH
6d.          James KEITH, Jr.

5i.          John Augustine Chilton KEITH born June 7, 1870 died April 8, 1915. Commonwealth Attorney for Fauquier County. He married Mary Welby SCOTT May 27, 1903 daughter of Robert Taylor SCOTT and Fanny CARTER. Both are buried at Warrenton Cemetery.

6a.          Robert Taylor Scott KEITH born May 19, 1905. Buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
6b.          John Augustine Chilton KEITH, Jr. born August 7, 1907. Buried at Warrenton Cemetery.
6c.          Fanny Carter KEITH born November 15, 1909
6d.          James KEITH born December 24, 1911

5j.          Thomas Randolph KEITH born September 19, 1872 and died March 12, 1937. He was a lawyer in Fairfax and VP of National Bank of Fairfax. He married Edith M. MOORE daughter of Thomas MOORE and Hannah MORRIS. See Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography includes photo.

6a.          Anne Gordon KEITH born March 8, 1901 and married Carlos C. DRAKE.
6b.          Hannah Morris KEITH born August 10, 1902
6c.          Margaret Randolph KEITH born October 19, 1908

5k.          Lucy KEITH

4c.          James KEITH was born September 7, 1839 in Fauquier County, and died January 2, 1918. He was a lawyer and President of the Supreme Court of Appeals in Virginia from 1895-1916. (See History of Virginia) He served in the Black Horse Cavalry. James married 1st June 8, 1873 Lilias Gordon MORSON 2nd February 16, 1887, Frances Barksdale MORSON, his sister-in-law. James died Jan 1918. All three are buried at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. Children with Frances:

5a.          Juliet Chilton KEITH, born February 6, 1888 married William CROCKETT
5b.          Arthur Alexander Morson KEITH born July 15, 1891 married Ellie Wood PAGE.

2d.          Mary Randolph KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born 28 April 1737 in Virginia and died 18 Sep 1809 in Lexington, Kentucky. She married Colonel Thomas MARSHALL who was born 2 Apr 1730 in "Oakhill", Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia. He died 22 June 1802 in Woodford, Mason County, Kentucky. They were married in 1754 in Germantown, Prince William County, Virginia. Their residence in 1790 was "Buckpond" near Versailles, Kentucky. Thomas was a Justice of the Peace. He was also a Surveyor. He was the son of John (of the Forest) Marshall and Elizabeth Markham.. Mary Randolph KEITH’s grave is located in the Marshall family graveyard at Federal Hill in Mason County, KY and reads “She was good, not brilliant; useful, not ornamental; and mother of fifteen children.” See Paxton, The Marshall Family.
3a.          John (Chief Justice) MARSHALL b: 24 SEP 1755 in Oak Hill, Prince William (became Fauquier, Midland) County, Virginia, married Mary Willis AMBLER
3b.          Elizabeth MARSHALL b: 1756 in Germantown, Prince William, married 1st PORTERFIELD, married 2nd Rawleigh COLSTON
3c.          Mary Ann (Polly) MARSHALL b: abt. 1758 in Oak Hill, Fauquier County, Virginia, married Senator Humphrey MARSHALL
3d.          Capt. Thomas MARSHALL b: 27 OCT 1761 in Fauquier County, Virginia, married 1st Susanna ADAMS and 2nd Frances Maitland KENNON
3e.          James Markham MARSHALL b: 12 MAR 1764 in Fauquier County, Virginia, married 1st Elizabeth HURST and 2nd Hester MORRIS
3f.          Judith MARSHALL b: 1766, married George BROOKE
3g.          Charles Fleming MARSHALL b: 31 JAN 1767 in Oak Hill, Fauquier County, Virginia, married Lucy PICKETT
3h.          William MARSHALL b: 31 JAN 1767 in Oak Hill, Fauquier County, Virginia, married 1st Mary MACON, 2nd the Widow Maria Winston PRICE, 3rd Alice ADAMS
3i.          Lucy MARSHALL b: 1768 in Fauquier County, Virginia, married Col. John AMBLER
3j.          Alexander Keith MARSHALL born about 1770, married 1st t Mary MCDOWELL, 2nd Eliza A. (Lewis-Luke) BALL
3k.          Dr. Louis MARSHALL b: 7 OCT 1773 in Oak Hill, Fauquier County, Virginia, married Agatha Preston SMITH
3l.          Susan Tarleton MARSHALL b: 1774, married William MCCLUNG
3m.          Charlotte MARSHALL b: 1777, married Dr. Basil DUKE
3n.          Jane MARSHALL b: 1779, married George Keith Talliaferro TAYLOR
3o.          Nancy MARSHALL b: 1781, married 1st William BALLARD, 2nd COX and 3rd Col. Joseph Hamilton DAVIESS

2e.          Judith KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born in 1738 and died in 1826 in Mason County, Kentucky. She married James KEY who was born in 1740 in Maryland and died in 1817. They were married about 1755 in probably in Prince William County, Virginia. James KEY was a member of the Committee of Safety of Charles County, Maryland. His will is dated 1817 and was proved in Mason County, Kentucky. Some say parents may be Frances Key and Ann Arnold Ross, but there is no proof and it seems unlikely.

3a.          James KEY, Jr. born about 1756. Moved to Mason County, KY and married Nancy IRELAND

4a.          Judith KEY lived in Washington, KY
4b.          Peyton KEY married RANKIN
4c.          James KEY
4d.          Willian KEY

3b.          Thomas Randolph KEY b. abt 1758 married Sarah Martha FOLEY on June 29, 1793

4a.          Isham KEY
4b.          Louisa KEY married THOMPSON
4c          Peyton KEY married LEONARD
4d.          Thomas KEY
4e.          Marshall KEY born 1799 died 1877 married CARTER
4f.          John KEY married BULLOCK
4g.          Richard KEY

3c.          Alexander Keith KEY b. abt. 1760 married 1st Maria CLARKE, 2nd Elizabeth DAWSON on December 26, 1801 and 3rd Mary WHITE on February 8, 1815 in Mason County, KY. By his second wife Elizabeth he had
4a.          Nancy KEY who married SHOPESTATE

3d.          Judith KEY married Thomas A. KEITH, her cousin son of John KEITH and Mary Elizabeth DONIPHAN. Judith died July 17, 1851. See his line for children.

3e.          Mary Isham KEY born May 31, 1765 married Capt. Marshall MARTIN (June has Martin Family Bible)

4a.          Edmund Randolph MARTIN born December 28, 1784 married Sally JESTER January 28, 1810
4b.          Thomas Marshall MARTIN born December 28, 1784 as infant
4c.          Elizabeth Marshall MARTIN born November 1785, died 1797
4d.          Robert MARTIN born October 9, 1787 married Elizabeth DICKERSON April 2, 1812.
4e.          Marsha Washington MARTIN born July 22, 1789
4f.          Judith Keith MARTIN May 27, 1791, died 1798
4g.          Mary Isham MARTIN born August 3, 1792
4h.          Henry Key MARTIN born January 4, 1795, died 1798
4i.          James Keith MARTIN born October 2, 1797
4j.          Lucinda MARTIN born June 29, 1802 married William B. CANTALOU
3f.          Peyton Randolph KEY born January 19, 1776, never married
3g.          Marshall KEY born 8 Sept. 1783 in Fauquier County, Virginia, married Harriet SELLMAN April 18, 1816 in Cincinnati, OH.

          4a.          Harriet Sellman KEY married Robert Caldwell PALMER. Don Sherrill down this line.
          4b.          John James KEY born 1817 in Washington, KY, a lawyer in Washington City,
married 1st Mary REID and 2nd married Hester RUDD
          4c.          Thomas KEY a jurist in Cincinnati.
          4d.          Lizzie KEY married Hon. Thomas NELSON a member of Congress and Minister
to Mexico. Lived in Indiana.
          4e.          Marshall KEY died about 1884

2f.          Lieut. Isham KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born in 1739 in Virginia and died in 1787 Fauquier County, Virginia. His home in Fauquier was “Woodbourne”. Received 2,666 acres for his service in the Revolutionary War. He married Charlotte ASHMORE about 1778. Charlotte was the daughter of William ASHMORE and Elizabeth (Betty) GALLAHUE.

Isham Keith Will proved in Fauquier County, Virginia Will Book 2 p 121.
Dated 13 March 1787.Proved 24 Sept. 1787.
To wife, Charlotte Keith, 1/3 of estate during life.
Son, John, to have all land in Fauquier Co. and land allowed me as a Continental officer.
Daughters, Betty Keith, Mary Isham Keith, Sarah Ashmore, Caty Gallahue Keith, Charlotte Ashmore Keith.
Exrs. wife, brother Thomas Keith, Charles Martin.
Wit: William Hunton, William White, George Roach.
3a.          Elizabeth KEITH married John RAILEY
3b.          Mary Isham KEITH never married
3c.          Isham Keith
3d.          John Keith married Jenny MATTHEWS December 18, 1800 in Woodford County, KY.
3e.          Charlotte Ashmore KEITH born 1782 and died in 1866 married James McDonald BRIGGS on December 19, 1810
3f.          Katherine (Kittie) Gallahue KEITH married William Strother HAWKINS on October 14, 1802 in Woodford County, KY.

4a.          Isham Keith HAWKINS
4b.          Catherine Keith HAWKINS married Richard Henry RAILEY

5a.          William E. RAILEY, the genealogist

4g.          Lucy HAWKINS
4h.          Moses HAWKINS

3g.          Sarah Ashmore KEITH

2g.          Elizabeth KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born in 1745 in Fauquier and died about 1821 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. She married Edward FORD about 1766 in Virginia. Edward FORD was born about 1738 in Fairfax County, Virginia. He was the son of Thomas Ford and Jane MILSTEAD.

3a.          Jane FORD born about 1767 married Thomas CLARKE
3b.          Priscilla FORD born about 1768 married Major James SANGSTER
3c.          Judith FORD born about 1769 married Presley SIMPSON
3d.          Mary FORD born about 1770 married Thomas WINN
3e.          Behethland Hester FORD married Walter Ewell ASHMORE

4a.          Mary Jane Ashmore married Charles William GALLAHUE

3f.          Susan FORD born about 1772 married Thomas ROGERS
3g.          Elizabeth FORD born about 1773 married Clifton Enos THOMPSON
3h.          William FORD born about 1774 married 1st Polly WARFIELD, 2nd Sarah WARFIELD
3i.          Thomas Randolph FORD born about 1776 never married
3j.          Capt. Charles Fleming FORD born about 1778 married Patsy BUTLER
3k.          James Keith FORD born July 5, 1778 in Fairfax Co., VA. married Ann NEWTON on December 22, 1811
3l.          John FORD born about 1779 married 1st Lydia FOWLER, 2nd Mary Fannie PRITCHETT
3m.          Edward FORD II born about 1780 married Jane JACKSON

2h.          Capt. Alexander D. KEITH (child of Rev. James KEITH and Mary Isham RANDLOPH) was born 2 July 1748 in Prince William County, Virginia and died 7 Feb 1822 in Jefferson County, Mississippi. He buried in the Piedmont Cemetery, Rodney, Mississippi. He died intestate. Alexander married 1st Miss YANCEY and 2nd Mary Ann GALLAHUE, widow of Charles THORNTON, 1778 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

By his first wife Miss YANCY he had:
3a.          Isham KEITH married Margaret SANGSTER
3b.          William KEITH born about 1776

          With Mary Ann GALLAHUE he had:
3c.          Catherine (Kitty) W. KEITH b. November 18, 1779 married James W. BRADFORD on May 4, 1802. In 1806 they lived in Jefferson County, TN.
3d.          Mary KEITH b. October 17, 1781 married Philemon HILLS December 29, 1817 in Amite County, MS
3e.          Charles Fleming KEITH, born November 22, 1784 married Elizabeth Douglass HALE October 31, 1811 in Greene, TN. Charles was a Circuit Judge in TN. Lived at Elmwood, TN. Elizabeth was the daughter of Philip HALE and Catherine DOUGLAS

4a.          William Fleming KEITH
4b.          Catherine Douglas KEITH
4c.          Philip Hale KEITH never married
4e.          Thomas Lewis KEITH never married
4f.          Charles Marshall KEITH never married
4g.          Louisa Jane KEITH married Thomas ROWLAND
4h.          Elizabeth Douglas (Lizzie) KEITH married William BELL
4i.          Sarah Maria KEITH married 1st. Gen. Peter CLEARY, and 2nd Reese Bowen BRABSON September 24, 1844 in McMinn County TN
4j.          Alexander Hume KEITH born December 27 1814 in TN and died December 31, 1876 and buried in Athens, TN. He married Sarah Ann Penelope FOREE May 20, 1840 in McMinn, TN. Sarah was born December 28, 1823 and died April 2, 1914.

5a.          Alexander Marshall KEITH born about 1841 married Alice MCGUIRE
5b.          Anne Elizabeth KEITH married S.J.A. FRAZIER 1880 Census
5c.          Augustine Pryor KEITH married Anne FOUNTAIN
5d.          Charles Fleming KEITH married Nelle BLIZARD 1880 Census
5e.          Cornelia KEITH married D.W. CARTER
5f.          Catherine A. KEITH married C.C. VAUGHAN
5g.          Sarah E. KEITH
5h.          William F. KEITH married Jeanette JOURDAN
5i.          Louise Douglas KEITH born August 4, 1869 and died November 19, 1942married James Beriah FRAZIER, Governor of TN and later Senator

6a.          Keith FRAZIER born May 14, 1888 in Chattanooga, TN married Robert Nugent SOMERVILLE. Keith is author of Keith Family Tree.

3f.          James A. KEITH, born August 11, 1787 married Charlotte L.M. KEITH on August 9, 1833 in Mason Co., KY.
3g.          Eliza T. KEITH born December 12, 1790 married CARRADINE May 4, 1802 in Jefferson, TN
3h.          Alexander KEITH born March 29, 1793
3i.          Maria Gallahue KEITH born January 29, 1796 married Walker NASH December 30, 1817.

Miscellaneous Sources

Fauquier County, Virginia Deed Book 8 page 1 22 Sep 1783 Bond of Thomas KEITH, Coroner of Fauquier County, Virginia Joseph Blackwell Senior, Joseph Blackwell Junior.

Fauquier County in the Revolution page 63. “7 Thomas Keith, died, 1802, was a son of the Rev James and Mary Isham (Randolph) Keith. His older sister married Thomas Marshall. He married 1775, Judith Blackwell, another daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Steptoe) Blackwell.”

23 September 1776. B&S. Between Thomas Keith & Judith, his wife and Edward Matthew .. £13.10 .. part of tract in Leeds Parish whereon Keith now lives .. adj. the land of Samuel Nelms .. on the main Trap Br. ... 9 acres. Signed: Thomas Keith and Judith Keith. Rec: Sept 223 1776, ack. by grantors.

April 25 1770 Bill of Sale. William Ball to Martin Pickett and Thomas Keith ... £105 ... 3 negroes. Signed: William Ball

23 March 1778 Election. The freeholders of Fauquier County chose John Blackwell, Thomas Keith, and James Hathway, commissioners of appointing assessors.

Contents of National Archives, Pension Application for Thomas Keith, WS119
This letter taken probably from carbon copy so no letterhead.

December 20, 1938

Hulsey Cason                                                  THOMAS KEITH
Bascom Hall                                                  W. 5119
The University of Wisconsin                                        BA-J/MLB
Madison, Wisconsin
Dear Sir:

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Thomas Keith who served as lieutenant and captain in the Revolution from Virginia, married Judith Blackwell who received pension for his services; also, the record of their son, John Marshall Keith (or Marshall Keith) who served in the Revolution and whose wife was Elizabeth Jones.
The Revolutionary War records of this office have been searched and no claim for pension or bounty land found based upon service of a Marshall Keith, or of any John Keith as described by you. Such claims are the source of Revolutionary War data furnished by this office. The record has been found of a Thomas Keith and it is given herein as obtained from the papers on file in pension claim, W. 5119, based upon his service in the Revolution.
The date and place of birth of Thomas and names of his parents are not given.
While residing in Fauquier County, Virginia, Thomas Keith was employed in December, 1775, in raising additional regiments for the Virginia line, and in February, 1776, he was serving as captain in the recruiting service of Virginia.. In the spring of 1776, he was employed in the Quartermaster’s Department, engaged in purchasing arms and munitions of war, a part of which were for Captain John Chilton’s Virginia Company. In September, 1777, he marched to the North in Pennsylvania, served three months then returned to Virginia, where he was appointed Commissary and continued to serve in that capacity and as Deputy Commissary General for the Virginia troops until after the Siege of Yorktown in October, 1781.
This officer died in the fall of 1805, while on a visit to the State of Georgia, his wife and children remaining in Fauquier County, Virginia, with the exception of a son who accompanied him.
Thomas Keith married May 25, 1775, place not given, Judith Blackwell; the date and place of her birth and names of parents were not stated. Their marriage bond, dated May 23, 1775, and signed by him and Thomas Marshall (no relationship shown) was filed in the County Clerk’s Office of Fauquier County, Virginia.
Judith Keith, widow of Captain Thomas Keith, applied for pension December 27, 1836, at which time she was aged seventy-seven years and living in Fauquier County, Virginia, where she was still living in 1845. Her claim was allowed. She died April 17, 1857.
The only children of Thomas Keith and his wife, Judith, whose names were designated in the claim, were Marshall Keith, the eldest son, who went with his father to Georgia at the time of his visit, and a son, Isham Keith, no details given in regard to him.
In 1842, reference was made to John T. James, grandson of Captain Thomas Keith, his place of residence then not stated, but in 1845 living in Warrenton, Virginia. In 1845, one David James was Justice of the Peace for Fauquier County, Virginia, his relationship to said captain or to John T. James not shown and names of their parents not given.
In 1837, James Marshall, nephew of Captain Thomas Keith, and brother of Chief Justice Marshall, was living in “Fairfield” and stated that he was a boy at school during the early part of the Revolution. In 1845, one Alexander J. Marshall was County Clerk of Fauquier County, Virginia, their relationship to each other not shown.
The above-named Captain John Chilton of the 3rd Virginia Regiment was slain in the Battlel of Brandywine. He married the sister of Judith Blackwell Keith; her name is not given; she died before the Revolutionary War. Their son, Major Joseph Chilton, was of Fauquier County, Virginia, in 1838. Said Captain John Chilton had a brother Thomas who was living in 1777, no other data in regard to said Thomas.
In 1842, in Fauquier County, Virginia, Mark A Chilton, nephew of Captain John Chilton, his maternal uncle, stated that he married a daughter of Captain John Blackwell, but did not giver her name nor names of his parents; he stated that said uncle was captured with Lincoln at Charleston, South Carolina. In 1844, one Samuel Chilton was serving as Representative in Congress from the 9th Congressional District of Virginia; no relationship shown between him and the other Chiltons named above.
In 1845, Jane Taylor, the widow of George Keith Taylor, was living in Fauquier County, Virginia. She was a niece of Captain Thomas Keith and a sister of Chief Justice Marshall. The name of her mother is not given.

Very truly yours,
A.D. Hiller
Executive Assistant to the Administrator

State of Virginia
Fauquier County to wit

The affidavit of Jane Taylor of the County and State afore said widow of George Keith Taylor formerly of Petersburg.
This affiant states from my earliest infancy I have known Thomas Keith, he was my mother’s brother and of course familiar with his children and from the time I could think seriously or distinctly of anything he was afsociated in my mind as Capt. Keith. I always knew it as a fact but whether this convention arose from having heard him addrefsed as Capt Keith or from information received in my own family I cannot now pofsitivly affirm given from under my name this 29th day of June 1845
                                                                      Jane Taylor
Fauqr County to wit
The foregoing affidavit of Jane Taylor was sworn to before me ???of the Justices of the peace for the State of Va, County of Fauqr given from under my hand ??? this 29th day of June 1845
James Payne

I know James Payne whose name is subscribed to the above Certificate to be a magistrate of Fauquier County VA duly commifsioned ??? and I know the above signature purporting to be his to be genuine. I am acquainted with Mrs. Jane Taylor the affiant. She is entitled to the fullest…….

State of Virginia
Fauquier County
          On this 27th day of December 1836 personally appeared before the Justices of the County Court of said County Judith Keith resident of the county and State aforesaid aged 77 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the pension made by the Act of Congrefs ??? July 4, 1836 That she is the widow of Thomas Keith who as a Commifsary in the Army of the Revolution from September 1777 until the ???in the fall of the year 1781 That he was first employed by the State of Virginia to purchase arms and munitions of war from early in the year 1776 until a short time before he was appointed a Commifsary and that his service was a continual one as Commifsary from the time he marched to the north in September 1777 until the fall of the year 1781, that he remained in the northern army not more than three months. He then returned to Virginia where he mostly rendered the service of Commifsary. She further declares that she was married to the said Thomas Keith on the 25th day of May, 1775 or to be more positive as to the year the first May after the battle of Bunker Hill; that her husband the aforesaid Tho. Keith died while on a visit to the state of Georgia in the fall of the year 1805 day and month not recollected, and that she had remained a widow even since that period, as will more fully appear by referenced to the proof hereto annexed.
                                                            Judith Keith
And the Court order it to be certified to the commifsioner of Pensions upon the evidence of William Horner that Mrs. Judith Keith has remained the Widow of Thomas Keith ever since his death ?? (illegible)

Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Keith and Thomas Marshall are held and firmly bound to our Sovereign Lord King George the third of the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia to which payment well and truly to be made to our said Lord the King his heirs and succefsors we bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated the 23rd day of May 1775.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Thomas Keith and Judith Blackwell for which a license has ?? , now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said intended marriage, then the above obligation to be void or else to remain in force
Sealed and delivered in presence of H. Brooke                              Tho. Keith (seal)
                                                                                Thom. Marshall (seal)
Virginia, Fauquier County, to wit:
I Alexander J. Marshall Clerk of the County Court of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a copy of an original bond in file in my office.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal of Office this 8th day of July 1837 and in the 62nd year of the Commonwealth.
                                                                                A.J. Marshall

Will of Judith Blackwell who married Thomas Keith, Fauquier County Will Book 27, p 120
1st          I direct the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses out of any money which I may have on hand at the time of my death or which may be owing to me.
2nd          I give and bequeath to my Grandson John T. James my Negro girl Lucy and her future increase to be held by him in trust for the sole and separate use of my daughter Susan G. James during her natural life and at her death to go to my Grand daughter Mary Gaskins (daughter of James H. Gaskins) provided the said Mary shal live to become one and twenty years of age in event of her not attaining that age then it is my will that the said servant Lucy and her increase shall be equally divided among the children of my daughter Susan G. James.
3rd          It is my will and desire (and I hereby direct accordingly) that my Grand son John T. James shall not be held accountable for any interest which may have accrued prior to my death upon a bond of his to me for two thousand dollars but from and after my death the said bond shall bear int & payable in five years from the date of my death.
4th          I give to my Grandson Marshall K. Payne the watch which I wear at the time of my death.
5th          I direct that my administrator shall purchase a handsome gold watch and give the same to my son Isham Keith as a token of my love and affectionate regard for him. I also direct that a Breast Pin be purchased and given to my daughter Hannah Skinker as a token of love and affection for her.
6th          I give and bequeath to my grandson John T. James the following property. Negro boy Ben, Negro woman Evelina and her daughter Laura and all their future increase. A bond of the said John T. James & Bro for one thousand nine hundred and fifty 52/100 dollars. One ditto of J. T. James for two thousand dollars. Danl I. Paynes note for one thousand five hundred dollars and Lewis Shumates note for five hundred dollars with all interest due thereon and any balance that may be due me on account of my pension or any other money that may be in the hands of the said John T. James as my agent and all the furniture in my chamber to be held by him in trust for the sole and separate use of my daughter Susan G. James during her natural life free from the control, debts and liabilities of her husband and after her death to be divided among her children then living and to the descendents of such of them as may be dead. Said descendents taking such share or shares only as such child or children would be entitled to if living.
7th          I give and bequeath to my son Isham Keith the residue of my property not mentioned in this will consisting chiefly of inconsiderable personal property etc……
8th          I hereby revoke all former wills and codicils heretofore made by me. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this day of May, 1854.
                                                                      Judith Keith (seal)

Signed sealed and published by Judith Keith as her last will and testament in our presence who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses.
                                                            Chas. T. Green
                                                            Jno. A. Spilman

Military Records, Certificate of Service Discharge Heirs & Pension Declarations and Schedules from the Fauquier County Virginia Court Minute Books 1784-1840, compiled by Joan W. Peters, Willow Bend
Books, Westminster, Maryland 1999.

December 27, 1836 page 187.
Judith Keith personally appeared in open Court, age 77, a resident of Fauquier County, being first duly sworn, does on her oath make Declaration to obtain benefit of the provision of the Act of Congress passed July 4, 1836.
The Court orders certified to the Commissioners of pension from the evidence of Wm Horner that Judith Keith as remained the widow of Thomas Keith ever since his death. The court further certified that she is a lady of high respectability and that her statement in her declaration is entitled to full credit.

Fauquier County Order Book 1846-1849
The Court ordered it certified that it was proved to the satisfaction of the Court that Thomas KEITH, late of this county, was a Captain and Commissary in the Virginia Continental Line from the fall of 1776 to the end of the Revolutionary War.

Thomas Keith is Dead, intestate and has left the following children surviving him as his only heirs: 1) James Keith,. 2) Tarleton Keith, 3) Isham Keith, 4) Harriet Skinker, now the widow of Wm. Skinker, 5) Mary J. Payne, wife of James Payne and 6) Susan G. James wife of David James.

Son James Keith has since died, intestate, leaving these surviving children: 1) Thomas Marshall Keith, 2) Fanny R. Keith, 3) Mary P Keith, 4) Susan G. Keith, 5) Judith, 6) Harriet S. Keith, 7) Virginia J. Keith, 8) Ritchie R. Keith and 9) Lucy S. Keith as his only heirs at law. James Keith devised all his estate, by will, to his and last named children to the exclusion of his sons Thomas and Marshall Keith.

Son Tarleton Keith has since died, in Georgia, intestate leaving these surviving children: 1) Tarleton, 2) Harriet Vance wife of Wm Vance, residing in Edgefield District South Carolina; Judith S. P. Hibler, wife of Isaac Hibler, living in Bourbon County, Kentucky. These are the only Heirs at law. Isham Keith, Harriet Skinker, James Payne, May J. Payne, David James, Susan G. James and the children of James Keith are all residents of Fauquier County and Culpeper County, Virginia. On the motion of Isham Keith, the court certifies the same.


Georgia Pioneers, Vol. 7 from
Marshall KEITH - Will - Recorded Columbia County, Georgia June 6, 1842
(Contributed by Mrs. F. F. Baker)
To James Jones (alias Keith) and John Jones (alias Keith), of Alabama, all of my property in Ala., both real and personal, including the crops; also my negroes now in Georgia, to-wit: Zach, Martha, Jack, Agg, and all Agg's children, Dilcy and her child, Jim.

To Mary Jones, wife of William Jones of Augusta, Gin-maker, the land I purchased from John Wood, Shackelford and McNair, also 80 acres bought of McKinney. Also to said Mary, negroes Melinda and her children, Sytha and her children, Edmund, Sam and Matilda, also Ingraham.

To Judith Jones (alias Keith), all land not otherwise devised on west side of Fury's Ferry Road; also negroes Jeffrey, Violet and her child,
Sawney; Eliza and her child Billy; Daffney and her child, Jane and her child, also John, Nelson, Esther, Alick, Isabella and Athena.

My servant, Ishmael, to be freed, and property put in trust: 150 shares in Mechanic's Bank in Augusta. For Ishmael and his sisters, Minny and Elizabeth, as a home, all my land on the east side of Fury's Ferry Road, also negroes Hanibal, Delila, and their two children, Ned and George. Also blacksmith's tools, choice of one cart and oxen, choice of a horse, choice of three mules, also corn, fodder and pork for a year. Also cattle, hogs and sheep, as the executors shall deem necessary, and one bed and furniture, as well as the following extra negroes, Bowling, Robert and Greene, children of Yellow Agg.

In trust for Minny, sister of Ishmael, 100 shares of Mechanic's Bank stock, negro girls named Blanche and Minta, one bed and furniture, one spinning-wheel and loom.

In trust for Elizabeth, 15 shares of Mechanic's Bank stock.

To my brother, Isham, in trust for sister Susan, 100 shares Insurance and Trust Co., of Augusta; in trust with William Jones, 15 shares Mechanic's Bank stock, for use of James Jones.

To my nephew, Tarleton Keith, 15 shares stock in lieu of his right of 1/3 of a 1/5 interest in my mother's dower. To niece Judith Hiblien, 25 shares of stock, to niece Harriet Vance, 25 shares of stock.

To the Secretary of the Colonization Society, the following negroes: Alfred, Daniel and Thornton, for the purpose of being sent to Liberia, also 5 shares of stock for each, the proceeds to be paid to them or their survivors upon reaching Liberia. Should they refuse to go, stock to revert to Ishmael and Mr. Jones, of Augusta.

To my servant Nancy, in trust with my Excrs., for her own use, stock, furniture, etc., her maintenance to be charged to Ishmael.

Other bequests of furniture, stock and plantation lands, equally to Judith Jones and Mary Jones of Augusta. (Stipulation: The freed servants are NOT to live in or WITHIN THREE MILES of any town or village in Georgia or South Carolina. s/ MARSHALL KEITH

There is a Peyton KEITH born 1776 who married Sarah Lucy PETTY who lived in Amherst and Orange County, VA. We give the information here as reference because we have not been able to connect him to the Rev. James KEITH family. Much of this information can be found at the Library of Virginia, Digital Collection Family Bible

1 Peyton Randolph KEITH b: 19 January 1776 in Fauquier Co., VA d: 13 October 1842 in Amherst Co., VA
. +Sarah Lucy PETTY b: Abt. 1785 m: 18 May 1803 in Orange Co., VA
. 2 Lucy M. KEITH b: Abt. 1804
..... +James (or George) L. WATTS b: Abt. 1802 m: 9 December 1822 in Amherst Co., VA
..... 3 William Peyton WATTS b: Abt. 1824
..... 3 George W. WATTS b: Abt. 1826
..... 3 Mary WATTS b: Abt. 1828
..... 3 Lucy WATTS b: Abt. 1829
......... +Landon PROFFITT b: Abt. 1825 m: Abt. 1849
. 2 Marshall McNeal (Dr) KEITH b: 10 February 1806 in Amherst Co., VA d: 27 February 1883 in Newton Co., MS
..... +Susan Elmina GREGORY b: Abt. 1810 m: 28 March 1831 in Lunenberg Co., VA
..... 3 James Roderick KEITH b: 30 January 1832 in VA d: Abt. 1832 in VA
..... 3 Sarah Elizabeth KEITH b: 15 September 1833 d: 3 June 1900
..... 3 Marshall Luther KEITH b: 3 June 1835 d: 6 September 1842
..... 3 John Alfred KEITH b: 21 May 1837 d: 9 June 1885 in Newton Co., MS
......... +Sarah Rosetta SCANLAN b: Abt. 1840
..... 3 [1] Thomas KEITH b: 26 January 1839 d: 16 October 1906
......... +Addie E. HUDDLESTON b: Abt. 1836
..... *2nd Wife of [1] Thomas KEITH:
......... +Sallie Emma HUDDLESTON b: Abt. 1841 m: 23 April 1871 d: Bef. December 1880
..... 3 Robert KEITH b: 30 April 1841 d: 1863 in Ft. Deleware (POW)
..... 3 William Henry KEITH b: 4 September 1843 d: 4 August 1848
..... 3 Mary Virginia KEITH b: 13 February 1846 d: 8 February 1927
......... +Eugene CARLTON b: Abt. 1844 m: Abt. 1865
..... 3 Susan Ann KEITH b: 6 April 1847 d: 21 April 1940
......... +Henry PARTIN b: Abt. 1845 m: Abt. 1865
..... 3 James Henry KEITH b: 15 July 1848 d: 24 January 1932
......... +Marry Emma UNKNOWN b: Abt. 1850 m: Abt. 1878
..... 3 Mary Alice Elmina KEITH b: 21 February 1855 d: 1 August 1916
. 2 James Wesley KEITH b: 18 August 1807 d: 9 March 1886 in Amherst Co., VA
..... +Cary Ann MAYS b: Abt. 1810
..... 3 Jerome KEITH b: 1834 d: 1906
......... +Mary Ellen TURNER b: Abt. 1836 m: 1867
..... 3 Nathniel C. KEITH b: 11 March 1836 d: 9 August 1916
......... +Martha Winn BARRETT b: Abt. 1840
..... 3 D. Chapman KEITH b: Abt. 1838
......... +Mattie HAMNER b: Abt. 1840 m: Abt. 1858
..... 3 George Marshall KEITH b: 1838
......... +Elizabeth Susan MAYS b: Abt. 1840 m: Abt. 1859
..... 3 James M. KEITH b: 1843
. 2 Albert Marshall KEITH b: Abt. 1808 d: Bef. 1842

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