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     Richmond County, Virginia Will Book 1 page 148

William Goodridge, NFP Will 12 May 1713, 2 Sep 1713 Wife Tomasin, son William all land in Lancaster County which I bought of Richard Alderson, and John Buxton, other children Moses Goodridge, and Elizabeth Goodridge; I desire Mr Rawleigh Chinn to have the care of the three children until age 21, executor friend Rawleigh Chinn, witnesses none given, but proved by the oaths of Dorothy and Thomas Durham.

Richmond County, Virginia Deeds 1711-1714
page 160 Rawleigh Chinn of Lancaster County, Virginia, Edgecomb Suggett & James Suggett of Richmond County, Virginia
Rawleigh Chinn Administrator of goods, chattels, & credits of William Goodrich deceased 2 Sep 1713.

Richmond County, Virginia Will Book 1 page 155
William Goodridge inventory by Rawleigh Chinn, administrator 4 Nov 1713.

Abstracts of Lancaster County Virginia, Wills 1653-1800
William GOODRICH of Wiccomico Parish 10 Mar 1769 - 12 Mar 1771 son John ten ??? stock to equal other children.
daughter Susanna to have other children. ried. Sons: Richard and George Goodridge. Daughter Betty Hunton, daughter: Mary Stoneham's children. She being decease. wife Elizabeth. George Stoneham securtiy for Mary Stoneham children. Exors: sons Richard, George & John Goodridge. Witnesses Richard Mitchell, Thomas Pitman, Ambrose Pitman. Will Book 20 page 11.


Northumberland County, Virginia

1a. William GOODRICH of Wiccomico Parish, Northumberland
        County, Virginia left his will 12 Mar 1661 in Northumberland
        County, Virginia. His wife was Elizabeth
        2a. Betty GOODRICH married Mr. HUNTON
        2b. Mary GOODRICH married Mr. STONEHAM
        2a. John GOODRICH
        2b. Susanna GOODRICH
        2c. Richard GOODRICH
        2d. George GOODRICH

Northumberland County, Virginia (Not Sure these dates are correct)
William Goodrich of Wiccomico Parish 10 Mar 1659 - 12 Mar 1661 son John
10 pound or stock equal to other children. Daughter Susanna to have other children.
Sons: Richard and George GOODRIDGE. Daughter Betty Hunton, daughter, Mary
STONEHAM, Children she being deceased. Wife Elizabeth. George Stoneham
Security for Mary STONEHAM’s children. Executors son Richard, George and
John GOODRIDGE. Witnesses: Richard MITCHELL, Thomas PITMAN, Ambrose
PITMAN Will Book 20, page 11.


1a. Colonel Thomas GOODRICH died before 28th day of Janry 1680 signed Sealed and
        delivered in. Thomas married Ann. Soon after Thomas GOODRICH died Ann
        married Edward HILL by 2 Mar 1680/1 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.
        2a. Benjamin GOODRICH
        2b. Charles GOODRICH
        2c. Peter GOODRICH
        2d. Catherine GOODRICH

Rappahannock County, Virginia Deed Book 1656-1664 Part 1
At a court September 1655 Rappahannock
Coll Moore Fantleroy Capt Francis Slaughter
Majr Thos Goodrich Mr Andrew Gilson
Mr. Thos Lucas Senior Mr Richard Loe
Capt William Underwood Mr Humphrey Boot
The King Masquran Mquanzafsi Caskamino

Page 17 Thomas Goodrich signed some kind of treaty with the Indians

Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
Page 30 Be it known unto all men by these presents that I Thomas Goodrich of the
County of Rappa have given granted bargained and absolutely (missing) unto John Killman and George Killman of the County of Rappa. two black (missing ears and a slitt in one of two in the other and also the other missing in the other to have and to hold the above saide Catle with their increase (unto the said John Killman and George their heirs and assigns from the day of the date of these presents and assignes or any other person or persons whatsoever. In witness where of I have here unto set my hand the 29th May 1658.
Test Richard Richard King Thomas Goodrich

Old Rappahannock County, Virginia Deeds Wills etc No 5 (Transcript) (1672-1676) Part 1
Page 2 Know all men that I lieut. Coll. Thomas Goodrich of the County of Rappa gent for consider of 4,000 pound of tobacca paid me by Howel Jones of the County aforesaid doe forme my heirs and administrators grant unto Howell Jones and interest of one hundred acres of land lying in Rappa County nigh Major John Weirs Mill bounding at a corner Oake by the Mill Road running thence by the line of Thomas Rosow to a marked oak in the valley thence by the Valley marked trees parralel to the land of John Evans to a scruby white oake thence parrallel to the first course to a corner ash in a branch and thence.......I hence have hereunto put my hand and seale the seventh day of Mar 1671/1 in presence of Thomas Gouldman Will Potts Thomas Goodrich and Ann Goodrich

Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
p 13 An account of John Goodrich his cattle taken by us underwritten the 4th of Mar 1671 Imp 1 black cow with leggs belly and Tayle cropt on the right ear, one three slitts the whole, 1 black Heifer cropt on the left eare and two slitts in the right eare and a nick under the left; 1 brown cow white tayle black and belly cropt in the left eare and wo slitts the right eare only slitt recorded 7 April 1672 signed Thomas Harwar, William Johnson, Henry Williamson

Benja Goodrich, Son & heir unto Coll Tho Goodrich doe hereby sell and make over from me and my heires unto Edward Hill of Charles City County and his heirs forever all my right of this within mentioned Pattent for 4626 acres of land for and in consideration of being fully discharged by the said Hill of all tobacco whatsoever may become due from Coll Thomas Goodrich deceased unto William Cleaton Orphant, waives proved that what is give to Charles, Peter & Catherine GOODRICH the orphans of the said Coll thomas Goodrich out of the said Pattent as is bequeather them be delivered to them by the said Hill and doe hereby oblidge myself to acknowledge in Court when thereunto required as Witness my hand and seale this 28th day of Janry 1680 signed Sealed and delivered

Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
p97 Thomas GOODRICH 23 Apr 1673 will mentions Ann Goodrich and Catherine Goodrich my daughters witness Edmund Crask and Henry Aubrey

100-102 7 May 1673 Colonel Thomas Goodrich and Francis Thetford of Mid died
This seems to be an important document - See microfisch

7 Mar 1671-2 140 acres Thomas GOODRICH
4 Mar 1671 John Goodrich 4 Mar 1671 owned a black cow.
p162 - 663 Mr Samuel Nicoll deceased
p 79 Henry Ashton and Ann

page 300 Received of Edward Hill as Marrying Ann, the executrix of Thomas Goodrich deceased and Benja Goodrich the Executor of the aforesaid. Coll Goodrich all & singular the estate due to me by the last Will and testament of Coll Thomas Goodrich deceased as witness my hand this 2nd of March 1680/1
Test Wm DARE Joseph Goodrich

Recognirt et Recordatr 4 die Martii 1680/1
I underwritten doe acknowledge to have received of Edward Hill as marrying Ann the Executrix of Coll Thomas Goodrich deceased and Benja Goodrich the Executor of Coll Goodrich aforesaid. all and singular the estate dur to me by the last Will and Testament of Coll Goodrich deceased as with my hand this 2d of Mar 1680/1
Test Wm Dare Charles Goodrich
Recognitr et recordatr 4 die Martii 1680/1

1a. Major Thomas GOODRICH in 1655 in Old Rappahannock County,
        Virginia died before 23 Nov 1703 in Old Rappahannock County,
        2a. Ann GOODRICH
        2b. Catherine GOODRICH
        2c. Joseph GOODRICH ???
1b. Benjamin GOODRICH

Adventurers of Purse and Person page 528
22. Anne 3 Culpeper (Katherine2) St Leger, Sir Warham1), baptized 16 Sep 1630 at Hollingbourne, Kent, buried at York married in Virginia about 1652, Christopher Danby of Thorpe Perrow, Yorkshire.
Issue: (Danby) 38. Sir Anstropus 4, of Farnely, Yorkshire knighted in 1691, subsequently Member of Parliament, who was granted administration on the estate of Thomas Goodrich, late of Virginia, infant, as "Uncle on the mother's side and next of kin," 23 Nov 1703 53 39 (daughter) married Joseph Goodrich of Virginia, son of Lt Col Thomas Goodrich of (Old) Rappahannock County, who died before 8 Dec 1703 when his brother Benjamin Goodrich who died before 8 Dec 1703 when his brother Benjamin Goodrich sold land as his heir, Joseph's children being dead.

Essex Deed & Will
page 197. 24 April 1708. Benja Goodrich of James City County, Gent to Wm Aylett of St John's Parish , King William County Gent for L10 Sterling. All his interest in tract granted to Jos Goodrich and one Price and Ball by patent in Essex County.
        Benja Goodrich
Wit: Amb Cobbs, Jno Steward, Wm Ballard
28 Apr 1708. Acknowledged by Benja Goodrich.

Northumberland County, Virginia Marriage Records 1654-1800
GOODRIDGE, Richard & Elizabeth HUGHLETT daughter of Thomas W.
HUGHLETT married 11 Dec 1826 Hiram Stonum security