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     CHAPTER 21

John COCKRELL OF Richmond County, Virginia

John COCKRILL came to America with Braddock and settled in Richmond County, Virginia where he was a large planter. In Oct 1756 enlisted with Capt Henry Harrison in the French and Indian War. John was 5’11" tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He supposedly married twice but nothing is known of his first wife. Many believe that she was a Tarpling/Trapling. His second wife was a Miss Fox. Many attribute the Reverend Simon Cockrell to this John Cockrell by his first wife. By his second wife, John had a son Major John COCKRELL who was born in Virginia. He died in Nashville, Tennessee 11 Apr 1837. He married Ann Robertson Johnson. Notable Southern Families page 21.
It is likely that John is related to our family. We have nothing to document a relationship except what we have presented in this work. We have two different birth dates 1725 and 1740.

In October of 1756 he enlisted with Captain Henry Harrison's company in response to the call of Governor Dimwiddie for volunteers in the French and Indian Wars. In the record of his enlistment he is described as being five feet eleven inches tall and with brown hair and eyes. He is further said to have been a man of good education and pleasing appearance and manner.

John Cockrill of Richmond County, Virginia is on the roll of Captain Henry Harrison's Company in the French and Indian War, July 13, 1756. Enlisted on Oct 6 1755; a planter of Richmond County, Virginia. John was (born in 1725 in Virginia) age 30 years, height 5 feet 10 inches tall. Do we have two different John COCKRELL / John COCKRILL men or is these just the normal errors you find in records of that era?

If this John did marry twice and IF he was the Rev. Simon’s father he would have married at the young age of 16 or 17 and the following would be his descendants:

1a. John COCKRILL married first

Children of John COCKRELL and Susan TARPLING
        2a. Simon COCKRELL (See Simon Cockrell of Russell County, Virginia) , b. ca. 1742, Prince William Co.,
        VA; d. 1843, Van Buren Co, MO. Married Mary Magdelena Vardeman, 1765 in James City VA
        2b. Susan COCKRELL

Children of John COCKRELL and Deborah FOX
       2c. John Cockrill (Major) born 19 Dec 1757 in Virginia. John married Ann Robertson Johnson John died at
        Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee 11 Apr 1837. (See John Cockrell of Davidson County,
The COCKRILL Family of Madison County, Tennessee by Carmen Cockrill Bruer

John COCKRILL Senior died. His wife married a Mr. COLLINSWORTH.

        2c. John COCKRILL was born 19 Dec 1757 in Wythe County, Virginia. John married
     Ann ROBERTSON JOHNSON/JOHNSTON, a widow with three daughters. John Died at Nashville,
     Davidson County, Tennessee 11 Apr 1837. In 1779 John COCKRILL moved to French Salt Lick on the
     Cumberland River at the site of what would be Nashville, Tennessee.

Ann ROBERTSON sister of James ROBERTSON was born 10 Feb 1757 the daughter of John Randolph ROBERTSON and Mary GOWER. Ann married a Mr. JOHNSTON before she married John COCKRILL. She died 13 Oct 1821, Davidson Co, TN. Children from her first marriage were:
        a. Mary JOHNSTON
        b. Elizabeth JOHNSON
        c. Charity JOHNSON
        Will Book 1, Davidson County, Tennessee

        3a. John COCKRILL III was born 8 July 1781 and died 12 Aug 1814. John
        married (1) Elizabeth Bibb (Harding) UNDERWOOD about 1803. They settled in Sterling, Alabama
        married (2) Harriet (Rowe) HAWKINS
        married (3) Mary Hill (BURRUS) BUTLER
        Evidently he liked widows since all three of his wives had been married before they married him.
          4a. Sterling Robertson COCKRILL married Ann Henrietta MCDONALD
           5a. Robert Emmett COCKRILL married Eliza McGAVOCK
           5b. Elizabeth Harding COCKRILL married William L. NICHOLL
           5c. Effie COCKRILL
           5d. Henrietta COCKRILL
           5e. James McDonald COCKRILL
           5f. Amanthis COCKRILL
           5g. Valerie COCKRILL
           5h. Sterling Robertson, II married Mary Ashley FREEMAN
          4b. Eliza Minerva COCKRILL married Robert Blackwell MALONE
          4c. Washington Jefferson COCKRILL married Mary MACKLIN. No issue.
          4d. Granville LaForce COCKRILL m. Maria Louisa Turner.
           5a. Sterling COCKRILL
           5b. Mary Louise COCKRILL m. Rev. Dr. A. Thoedore GOODLOE
           5c. Sara Elizabeth COCKRILL
           5d. John LaForce COCKRILL
           5e. Washington Pike COCKRILL m. Sallie BALLENFONT
           5f. Granville COCKRILL.
        3b. Nancy Ann COCKRILL was born 1 Feb 1783. Nancy married Drury            PULLIAM ca. 1795-6 and moved
        to Missouri where she d. 16 Aug 1833 in Saline.
        3c. Sterling COCKRILL was born 7 Mar 1785 and died unmarried
        3d. James Robertson COCKRILL was born 28 Jan 1787 James died 7 Nov 1826. James
        married Sarah “Sally” APPLEWHITE JONES 25 Aug 1809 in Davidson County, Tennesee
    Book 1 Marriage Book Page 102. Sally died in Feb 1822 James was a pioneer in Madison County, Tennessee in 1821. Sarah was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Goodloe JONES.
        At the time of his death in 1826 James was married to his second wife Malinda YOUNG
        daughter of Robert and Sallie Galbreath YOUNG
        4a. William Goodloe COCKRILL was born 10 Sep 1810 and died 23 Dec 1886.
        William married (1) Sara Louise CHOLSTON 29 Dec 1835 (2) Amanda
        Paralee MCMILLIN 1 July 1857 Amanda died 12 Aug 1876
               Children with Sara Louise GHOLSTON:
           5a. James B. COCKRILL
           5b. Sarah Ann COCKRILL
           5c. Mark Applewhite COCKRILL
           5d. Martha COCKRILL married Constantine Scales HAMNER
           5e. Susan Caroline COCKRILL married Ralph STEGALL

           Children with Amanda Paralee MCMILLIN                    
        5f. Curtis Cowart COCKRILL married Joshua MILLER of Covington, Tennessee
        5g. Elizabeth Goodloe COCKRILL married Arch YARBROUGH and lived in
        Madison County
        5h. Amanda Louise COCKRILL married John STANLEY
        5i. Robert Edward COCKRILL died at age 21
        5j. John COCKRILL was born 21 Feb 1868 and died 17 Feb 1930. John married
        Irene “Ida” BALLEW. Irene was born 10 Mar 1868 and died 19 Dec 1946
        6a. Ruby Laralee COCKRILL was born 29 Aug 1893. Ruby married Leonard
        WATSON 10 Oct 1910 and lived in Birmingham, Alabama
        6b. Lula Irene COCKRILL was born 13 Mar 1895 Lula married J C HARRIS
        Junior 12 Mar 1914
        6c. Johnnie Ballew COCKRILL was born 31 Aug 1897 Johnnie married (1)
        Don R. “Billy” WEBB (2) DR. Joe B. HENNING
        6d. William Joseph “Billy” COCKRILL was born 3 Jan 1902 married Ouida
        5k. Mark Rufus COCKRILL was born 10 July 1870 and died 10 Oct 1898. Mark
        married May E. BALLEW 14 Dec 1873 May was born 3 May 1873 and died 5
        Jun 1958
        6a. Bethel Mark COCKRILL was born July 1897 Bethel Mark married (1)
        Annie James MORGAN IN Oct 1920 (2) Helen Virginia “Xvie”
        HIBBARD 5 May 1940. They moved to Arizona
        6b. Felix Albert COCKRILL was born July 1899. Flex married (1) Mary HILL
        (2) Dolly
        Felix moved to florida
        5l. Samuel Jones COCKRILL was born 16 Aug 1873 and died 28 Jan 1950.
        Samuel married Florence JESTER. Florence was born in 1874 and died in
        6a. Ada Caspin COCKRILL was born in 1899 and died in 1917
        6b. Ronald COCKRILL lived in Memphis, Tennessee
        4b. Edward Iredell COCKRILL married Josephine YOUNG and lived in Tipton
           5a. James Oscar COCKRILL
           5b. Sarah J. COCKRILL married J. Clark CULBRETH
           5c. Leonidas L. COCKRILL
           5d. Tennessee A. COCKRILL
           5e. William Goodloe COCKRILL m. Laura J. MAYS
           5f. Joseph Edward COCKRILL
        4c. Mark R COCKRILL moved to Mississippi
        4d. Robert COCKRILL moved to New Orleans
        4e. Dr. R Sterling COCKRILL moved to California
        4f. Martha M COCKRILL married Wm BOYKIN and lived in Madison County
4g. Louisa Caroline COCKRILL died Dec 1881 Louisa married (1) John SUTTON
        married (2) James R TERRY. (Louise married one of these men in Dec 1839.
        in Dec 1839 married (2) Mr TERRY
        4h. Mary Ann Eliza COCKRILL married Arthur MCGAIN and lived in Brownsville,
        4i. John Robertson COCKRILL died at age 22 unmarried in Texas

          Children of James and Malinda YOUNG COCKRILL:
          4j. Sally Young COCKRILL m. Charles Henry HILL
          4k. James Harvey COCKRILL m. Martha HAYNIE
          4l. Julia COCKRILL

        3e. Mark ROBERTSON COCKRILL was born 2 Dec 1788. Mark died 26 Jun 1872. He
        married Susan COLLINSWORTH 22 May 1822
          4a. Almira Jane COCKRILL m. William Evans WATKINS, Jr.
          4b. Julia Ann COCKRILL m. Edward CHETHAM
          4c. George Washington COCKRILL (died young)
          4d. Alexander Hamilton COCKRILL, I (died before age 1)
          4e. Alexander Hamilton COCKRILL, II (died before age 1)
          4f. Benjamin Franklin COCKRILL married Sallie C. FOSTER
           5a. Cornelia COCKRILL (died age 1)
           5b. Sallie COCKRILL married Irby MORGAN
           5c. Susan COCKRILL married E. W. FOSTER
           5d. Benjamin Franklin COCKRILL, Jr. married Willie CHRISTIAN
           5e. Jeanette COCKRILL married Oliver SHIELDS
           5f. Ellen COCKRILL
          4g. James Robertson COCKRILL married Mary Elizabeth COCKRILL
          4h. Daniel Webster COCKRILL
          4i. Mark Sterling COCKRILL married Mary Hill GOODLOE
           5a. Harriet Turner COCKRILL married Ed. HICKS\
           5b. Mark Sterling COCKRILL, Jr.
           5c. Calvin Goodloe COCKRILL
           5d. David Short COCKRILL
           5e. Jane Watkins COCKRILL
           5f. Mary Hill Cockrill married Duncan KENNER
          4j. Henrietta Augusta COCKRILL married Albert Gallatin EWING
        3f. Susanna COCKRILL was born 2 Sep 1790. Susanna married Ephraim Beazly
        3g. Sarah COCKRILL was born 15 May 1794. Sara married Thomas BOURLAND. Sarah lived at
        Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1820
        3h. Martha Ann “Patsy” COCKRILL was born 5 Nov 1800 and died 27 May 1844. Patsy
        married three times (1)married 19 Dec 1816 Alexander JONES (divorced 1819) (2) married 18 Dec 1821
        Robert C. THOMPSON (3) married 1 July 1835 Herbert OWEN

This information came from a book entitled The COCKRILL Family of Madison County, Tennessee by Carmen Cockrill BRUER in 1960. 25 page document full of Family History and Stories about the family.
The above is an abstract of the genealogy of that document. I have also added children from ll Junior dated 22 May 1915 pages 29 and 30.
.He served in the command of Colonel William Russell and was sent to Wautauga in June of 1776. The following winter he joined under Brigadier McIntosh and continued in the service until 1779, when he followed James Robertson to the Bluff settlement in the Cumberland, afterwards Nashville. From Nashville he returned to the older settlement and accompanied the Adventurer Flotilla on its long and adventurous trip. It was probably on this trip that the romance that had its culmination in the marriage of Ann Robertson Johnson and Major John Cockrill, began. She was the widowed sister of James Robertson and accompanied the family to the new settlement with her three daughters.

Simon COCKRELL & Mary Magdalne VARDEMAN
Bella Hughes is perhaps the most informed Family Genealogist on the descendants of Simon Cockrell. A majority of this information has come from Bella or Kay Cockrell Kazmir who has been compiling Cockrell information since 1985.

2a.. Simon COCKRELL was the son of John COCKRELL and Susan Tarpley. Simon died in Van Buren County,
        Missouri in 1839. Simon COCKRELL married Mary Magdalene VARDEMAN about 1765 in James City,
        Virginia. Mary was born about 1744, the daughter of John VARDEMAN and Elizabeth MORGAN. Simon
        Cockrell and Mary Magdelena Vardeman had thirteen children.
          3a. Moses COCKRELL was born about 1767 in Augusta County, Virginia. Moses married Barthena
CHADWELL, daughter of David CHADWELL and Elizabeth TURNER. Moses died before 1804 in Washington County, Virginia. Moses COCKRELL died before 1804 by falling into a Salt Well. He was the oldest son and the only child who remained in Virginia. Moses was an ensign of the Virginia Militia, 1793, and a noted Indian Fighter, of which mention is made in the histories of Southwest Virginia. After Moses’ death, Barthena married Jeremiah SKELTON and her son David Chadwell COTTRELL went to live with his maternal grandfather, David CHADWELL. Barthena died in 1848.

Children Of Moses and Mary Chadwell are:
4a. David Chadwell COTTRELL, b. 8 Apr 1799, Lee County, Virginia., and died 27 Jun 1870 in
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. David served in the War of 1812 as a Company Fifter in Captain
        Jeremiah Skelton’s Ninety-Fourth Regiment of the Virginia Militia commanded by Henry Smith.
        He volunteered at Jonesville, Virginia the first day of October 1814 and was honorably
        discharged at Seven Mile Ford, Viriginia the sixth day of March 1815. He married Mary
        Norman EWING, daughter of Patrick EWING, on August 03, 1823 in Claiborne County,
        Tennessee. Their children are:
5a. Mary Harriett COTTRELL, b. June 23, 1824, Lee County, Virginia, died February 15, 1875,
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. She married William Renfro GIBSON, March 21, 1843 in Lee
        County, Virginia.
5b. Samuel Ewing COTTRELL, b. January 5, 1826, Lee County, Virginia; died March 28, 1898,
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married 1) Mary Ann NORELL, January 3, 1856, in
        Cumberland Gap, Tennessee and 2) Mary Jane MONDAY, September 18, 1878, in Claiborne
        County, Tennessee.
5c. Barthenia COTTRELL, b. December 11, 1827, Lee County, Virginia, d. August 04, 1900,
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. She married Green Berry CLOUD September 3, 1857, in
        Claiborne County, Tennessee.
5d. Virginia Ann COTTRELL, b. December 29, 1829, Lee County, Virginia, d. July 08, 1891.
        She married William Franklin BALL March 19, 1850.
5e. Moses COTTRELL, b. September 5, 1831, Lee County, Virginia; d. November 1, 1857,
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married Mary WOODSON, February 15, 1856, Claiborne
        County, Tennessee.
5f. Gray Garrett COTTRELL, b. September 29, 1833, Claiborne County, Tennessee, d. March 12,
        1897, Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married Sally WOLFENBARGER September 4,
        1881 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.
5g. Fountain COTTRELL, b. February 16, 1835, Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married
        Ellender C. ANDERSON, August 17, 1867 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, daughter of
        Edwin ANDERSON and Lizzie.
5h. Morgan Vardeman COTTRELL, b. December 3, 1836, Claiborne County, Tennessee; d.
        February 20, 1907, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married Elizabeth TREECE,
5i. China W. COTTRELL, b. March 20, 1839, Claiborne County, Tennessee; d. after 1900 census
        in Tennessee. She married William COLLINGSWORTH.
5j. Saluda Jane COTTRELL, b. July 6, 1841, Claiborne County, Tennessee, d. June 15, 1906.
        She married 1) Houston SEWELL, April 22, 1858 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, son of
        Benjamin SEWELL and Ann WIER. She married 2) Marlon D. RICHMOND, after 1865.
5k. Chadwell Brittian COTTRELL, b. January 29, 1843, Claiborne County, Tennessee, d.
        December, 1921, Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married 1) Martha KINCAID September
        3, 1874, in Claiborne County, Tennessee, daughter of Sterling KINCAID and Sarah
        WOODSON. He married 2) Mace LITTRELL, about 1893.
5l. Marshall COTTRELL, b. November 26, 1846, Claiborne County, Tennessee; d. 1880,
        Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married Elizabeth WOODSON, 1870.
5m. Louesa Daniel COTTRELL, b. October 20, 1847, Claiborne County, Tennessee. She married
        Madison Monroe HARRIS July 4, 1871.
5n. Albert Watkins COTTRELL, b. March 10, 1852, Claiborne County, Tennessee; d. November
        29, 1907. He married 1) Margaret E. ESSARY and 2) Margaret BEYERS May 12 1878 in
        Claiborne County, Tennessee.
5o. Susan L. COTTRELL, b. May 8, 1856, Cliborne County, Tennessee; d. February 25, 1916,
        Bell County, Kentucky. She married John Calvin COLSON, Jr. May 13, 1875 in Claiborne
        County, Tennessee.

4b. Elizabeth COCKRELL was born after 1791. She married George ROWLAND.          
           5a. Barthena ROWLAND
           5b. John ROWLAND
           5c. Ruth ROWLAND

                  3b. Elizabeth COCKRELL was born about 1769 in Augusta County, Virginia. Elizabeth married
        Absolem SARGENT before 1810 in Pulaski County Kentucky. She died in Coles County, Illinois.          
3c. Simon COCKRELL, Jr. was born in 1771 in Botetourt County, Virginia. Most researchers believe
        that he was married twice; but his first wife is unknown. Simon Cockrell married Mary “Polly”
        SMITH, daughter of Charles SMITH. Simon COCKRELL Junior died between 1857 and 1858 in
        Breathitt County, Kentucky.
Simon COCKRELL the son of Simon, moved from Virginia to Kentucky in 1809 and settled in what is now Breathitt County (Batill County to 1839), where he lived until his death in the fall of 1857/1858. He was regarded as the wealthiest man in Estill and Breathitt counties, owning many slaves and cattle
        and large bodies of coal and time lands.
           He is believed to have had one son by his unknown first wife:
                    4a. Joseph COCKRELL

           Children of Simon COCKRELL, Jr. and Mary “Polly” SMITH are:
4b. Jeremiah Vardaman COCKRELL, b. September 5, 1814, Batill County, Kentucky; d.
        September 15, 1856, Platte County, Missouri; m. Louisa MAYO, October 1, 1840, Johnson
        County, Missouri.
4c. James COCKRELL, b. 1817, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. December 11, 1860, Breathitt
        County, Kentucky. He married Anna ALLEN 1839
        5a. Eliza Louisa COCKRELL, b. 1840
        5b. Logan COCKRELL, b. 1842.
        5c. Zerilda COCKRELL, b. 1844
        5d. Mary COCKRELL, b. 1846
        5e. Malissa COCKRELL, b. 1848
        5f. James C. COCKRELL, b. 1852
        5g. Clifton COCKRELL, b. 1852
        5h. Armina COCKRELL, b. 1854
        5i. Evoline COCKRELL, b. 1856
4d. Pauline COCKRELL, b. 1818, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. March 30, 1862, Texas. She
        married Henry C. BOHANNON 1841.
        5a. Logan Cockrell BOHANNON, b. 1845
        5b. Nary J. BOHANNON, b. 1843
4e. Elisha Logan COCKRELL, b. December 4, 1823, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. November
        2, 1876, Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky. He married Rebecca Ann MCMONEGAL in Estill
        County, Kentucky, daughter of Aaron MCMONOGLE and Mary NOLEN.
        5a. Mary P. COCKRELL, b. 1849
        5b. Sarah L. COCKRELL, b. 1851
        5c. Bell F. COCKRELL, b. 1853
        5d. Madison COCKRELL, b. 1855
        5e. Nannie COCKRELL, b. 1857
        5f. Amanda COCKRELL, b. 1858
        5g. Ella COCKRELL, b. 1859
        5h. Rebecca COCKRELL, b. 1862
        5i. Logan COCKRELL, b. 1865
        5j. Florence COCKRELL, b. 1867
        5k. Lizzie COCKRELL, b. 1869
        5l. George COCKRELL, b. 1871
4f. Harrison L. COCKRELL, b. June 1826, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. April 22 1876. He
        married Fanny SEWELL, daughter of Thomas SEWELL and Joanna TURNER.
        5a. Mary J. COCKRELL, b. 1856
        5b. Flora COCKRELL, b. 1856
        5c. Isabella COCKRELL, b. 1858
        5d. Fannie COCKRELL, b. 1862
        5e. Hortence B. COCKRELL, b. 1860
        5f. Harrison COCKRELL, b. 1866
4g. McKinley COCKRELL, b. June 16, 1827, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. January 22, 1855,
        Wolfe County, Kentucky. He married Emily J. TRIMBLE 1847.
        5a. Louellen COCKRELL, b. 1848
        5b. Mary B. COCKRELL, b. 1850
4h. Benjamin Franklin COCKRELL, b. 1830, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. after 1890. He
        married Elizabeth MAXEY.
        5a. Clifton COCKRELL, b. 1855.
        5b. Aley COCKRELL, b. 1859
        5c. Mary L. COCKRELL, b. 1862
        5d. Eugenia COCKRELL, b. 1863
4i. Simon COCKRELL, III, b. about 1837 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. He married Nancy
        5a. McKinley COCKRELL, b. 1857
        5b. Leban T. COCKRELL, b. 1859
        5c. William H. COCKRELL, b. 1861
        5d. Ella COCKRELL, b. 1863
        5e. Nannie COCKRELL, b. 1866
4j. Henry B. COCKRELL, b. about 1841, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. Missouri.
4k. John Miles COCKRELL, b. about 1841 in Breathitt County, Kentucky and died in Missouri.
        He married Fannie STEWART.
        5a. Blanche COCKRELL, b. 1863
        5b. Belle COCKRELL, b. 1865
        5c. Bradley COCKRELL, b. 1867
        5d. Strawther COCKRELL, b. 1869
        3d. Celia COCKRELL was born about 1773 in Fincastle County, Virginia. Celia married William
        3e . John COCKRELL was born about 1775 in Fincastle County, Virginia. John married Amelia
        “Milly” ALLY. John Cockrell moved to Kentucky and had his home on the south fork of the
        Kentucky River in what is now Breathitt County. He was a great hunter and spent much of his time
        hunting and trapping on the western frontier among the Indians. He was killed by the Indians on the
        Arkansas River in 1828.
          4a. John COCKRELL, b. 1789 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. He married Debbie FIELDS,
        daughter of Acey FIELDS, in 1821.
           5a. D. Dillon COCKRELL, b. 1845
           5b. Emelia COCKRELL, b. 1846
           5c. Asa COCKRELL, b. 1847
           5d. Martha COCKRELL, b. 1849
           5e. Mary COCKRELL, b. 1849
4b. Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. about 1804 in Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. 1865, Kentucky. She
        married Adrian HAYS, son of John HAYS and Nancy ANGEL.
        5a. Thomas HAYS, b. 1833
        5b. Berry HAYS, b. 1834; married Martha Ann TAULBEE.
        5c. Franklyn HAYS, b. 1838
        5d. Zerilda HAYS, b. 1841
        5e. Lucinda HAYS, b. 1844, married Daniel Wilson HOLLON
4c. Sallie COCKRELL, b. about 1808 in Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. about 1863. She married
        Richard L. SOUTH.
        5a. John SOUTH, b. 1837, married Henrietta HADDIX
        5b. Richard SOUTH, b. 1843
        5c. Latisha SOUTH, b. 1845
        5d. William SOUTH, b. 1846
        5e. Eliza SOUTH, b. 1855.
4d. Mary Magdeline COCKRELL, b. 1811, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. May 6, 1873. She
        married Jeremiah Weldon SOUTH, son of Samuel SOUTH.
        5a. Eliza SOUTH, b. 1831
        5b. Ellen SOUTH, b. 1832
        5c. Samuel SOUTH, b. 1833, married Malvery JETT
        5d. Andrew Jackson SOUTH, b. 1835; d. 1865; married Jane STRONG
    4e. Morgan COCKRELL

3f. Jeremiah Vardeman COCKRELL was born about 1777 in Montgomery County, Virginia and died
        about 1869 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Jeremiah married Sally SEWARDS
           4a. Simon COCKRELL, b. Fairfax County, Virginia; d. Texas.
        4b. Thomas COCKRELL, b. 1810, Fairfax County, Virginia; d., 1885, Arkansas. He married 1)
        Martha Emeline WELDON; 2) Julia Ann WHITE; and 3) Martha FRAILEY in 1834.

Child of Thomas COCKRELL and Julia WHITE:
        5a. Gerilda COCKRELL, married ? HOWARD.
Children of Thomas COCKRELL and Martha FRAILEY are:
        5b. Matilda COCKRELL, b. 1855
        5c. Henry COCKRELL, b. 1857
        5d. Isabelle COCKRELL, b. 1859
        5e. Fralan COCKRELL, b. 1861
        5f. Burilda COCKRELL, b. 1863
        5g. Dave COCKRELL, b. 1865
        5h. Asher COCKRELL, b. 1867
        5i. Ellen COCKRELL, b. 1869
3g.. Sally COCKRELL was born about 1780 in Wythe County, Virginia. Sally married Presley DAVIS 24
        Jan 1804 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Sally Cockrell Davis was at the funeral of George
        Washington. It is mentioned earlier that General George Washington was a relative in this family. She
        lived at Coles County, Illinois about 1915 and had descendants living there at that time.
3h. Daniel COCKRELL was born about 1783 in Wythe County, Virginia. Daniel Cockrell died January 1,
        1813 in Jackson's Army in the War of 1812. No known issue.
3i. Joseph COCKRELL was born 8 Jun 1784 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Joseph married 1)
        unknown about 1800, 2) Sally HUNT 8 Jan 1818 in Floyd County, Kentucky. (3) Nancy ELLIS.
        About 1805 he moved to Kentucky, where he engaged in breeding and dealing in livestock. During the
        War of 1812 he served in Colonel Richard M. Johnson’s Kentucky Regiment. Desiring more land in
        order to enlarge his livestock business, Joseph went to western Missouri in 1829, and there entered
        about 4,500 acres of land. He then returned to Kentucky to wind up his affairs there. In the spring of
        1831 he moved his family, with all their goods and chattels, to their new home in Missouri. Western
        Missouri was then being rapidly settled, and in 1834 Johnson County was organized. Joseph Cockrell
        was elected its first sheriff. At that time his family consisted of his wife Nancy (daughter of Benjamin
        ELLIS and Hannah IRVINE), five daughters, a two year-old son Jeremiah Vardaman (called"Vard"),
        and an older son Alexander by a previous marriage. He died November 3, 1837 in Johnson County,
      Child of Joseph COCKRELL and unknown:
          4a. Simon N. COCKRELL, b. March 1801, Tazewell County, Virginia; d. about 1900 in Texas.
      Child of Joseph COCKRELL and Sally HUNT:
4b. Alexander COCKRELL, b. June 18, 1818, Breathitt County, Kentucky; d. April 3, 1858, Dallas, Texas. He married Sarah HORTON September 9, 1847, daughter of Enoch HORTON and Martha STINSON.
        5a. Logan COCKRELL, b. September 1848; d. January 1849, Texas
        5b. Aurelia Effie COCKRELL, b. May 25, 1850; d. 1872. She married Mitchel GRAY, May
        11, 1871, Dallas, Texas.
        5c. Robert COCKRELL, b. 1852, Texas; d. 1866. He married Guillelmine JONES, 1876
        5d. Frank M. COCKRELL, b. 1854, Texas; d. 1935. He married Alice NOBLE, 1890.
        5e. Alexander COCKRELL, Jr., b. September 6, 1856, Dallas, Texas; d. February 24, 1919,
        Dallas, Texas; married Henrietta FULKERSON, February 13, 1884, Columbus, Johnson
        County, Missouri.
       Children of Joseph COCKRELL and Nancy ELLIS:
4c. Nancy COCKRELL, b. October 1820, Perry County, Kentucky; d. November 11, 1848,
        Johnson County, Missouri. She married Preston Findly LOGAN December 15, 1836 in
        Johnson County, Missouri.
        5a. Robert LOGAN
4d. Polly COCKRELL, b. October 15, 1822, Perry County, Kentucky, d. November 3, 1877,
        Johnston County, Missouri. She married Ruben Bradley FULKERSON March 20, 1838 in
        Johnson County, Missouri, son of Frederick FULKERSON and Margaret BRADLEY.
5a. Ellen B. FULKERSON, b. February 14, 1839, Johnston County, Missouri; d. August 25,
1905, Johnson County, Missouri; married Francis M. BRADLEY March 9, 1858, Johnson County, Missouri.
5b. Mary Ann FULKERSON, b. about 1841, Johnson County, Missouri; married W.L.
5c. Nancy Margaret FULKERSON, b. June 1843, Johnson County, Missouri; d. 1934,
Jackson, Johnson County, Missouri.
5d. Sarah Elizabeth FULKERSON, b. April 1, 1845, Johnson County, Missouri; d. January
25, 1930, Basin Knob, Johnson County, Missouri
                    4e. Mary Ann COCKRELL, b. May 30, 1825, Perry County, Kentucky; d. February 28, 1906,
           Johnson County, Missouri. She married 1) Samuel Montgomery HAYS May 4 1840 in
        Johnson County, Missouri and 2) Moses TAPSCOTT December 16, 1855. Children of Mary
        Ann COCKRELL and Samuel HAYS are:
        5a. N. Adeline HAYS, b. 1844.
        5b. Sarah Catherine HAYS, b. May 29, 1847, Johnson County, Missouri; d. August 11, 1889
          Johnson County, Missouri; married Thomas Jackson ROBERTS, April 26, 1866.
        5c. Naomi HAYS, b. 1850
                        4f. Louisa COCKRELL, b. 1828, Perry County, Kentucky; d. 1838, Johnson County, Missouri.
4g. Sarah “Sally” COCKRELL, b. March 1830, Perry County,Kentucky; d. January 24, 1908.
        She m. 1) ? MCFARLAND and 2) John B. HARRIS, December 27, 1849, Johnson County,
4h. Jeremiah Vardeman COCKRELL, b. May 7, 1832, Johnson County, Missouri; d. March 18,
        1915, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas. He married Miranda Jane DOUGLASS April 8, 1852
        in Johnson County, Missouri, daughter of Elmore DOUGLASS and Elender.
        5a. Frederick F. L.. COCKRELL, b. June 10, 1855, Johnson County, Missouri; d. April 8,
                     5b. Nancy E. COCKRELL, b. 1856, Johnson County, Missouri; d. 1938; married James K.
                     5c. Mary I. COCKRELL, b. 1858, Johnson County, Missouri
                     5d. Joseph Elmore COCKRELL, b. December 27, 1859, Johnson County, Missouri; d.ied
April 7, 1927, Dallas, Texas; married Emma Lee MEADORS, June 25, 1885, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
4i. Francis Marion COCKRELL, b. October 1, 1834, Johnson County, Missouri; d. December 13,
        1915, Washington, D. C. He married 1) Arthusa Dorcas STAPP July 21, 1853 in Chapel Hill
        Missouri; 2) Anna Eliza MANN April 26, 1866 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky; and 3) Anna
        EWING July 23, 1873 in St. Louis, Missouri, daughter of Ephriam B. EWING.

Children of Francis COCKRELL and Arthusa STAPP:
        5a. John Joseph COCKRELL, b. May 10, 1855, Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri; d.
December 16, 1892; married Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, July 8, 1880, Little Rock, Arkansas.
                     5b. William S. COCKRELL, b. 1858, Johnson County, Missouri

                    Child of Francis COCKRELL and Anna MANN:
                     5c. Leachy Peachy COCKRELL, b. 1870; d. 1932.

                    Children of Francis COCKRELL and Anna EWING:
                     5d. Frank M. COCKRELL, d. April 8, 1938
                     5e. Ephraim Brevard COCKRELL
                     5f. Henry Ewing COCKRELL, b. 1875; d. February 10, 1962, Washington, D.C.; married
                              Peachy WILLIAMS, June 3, 1896
                     5g. Frances Marian COCKRELL, b. 1878; married Edson F. GALLAUDET, 1903.
                    4j. Joseph COCKRELL, b. 1837, Johnson County, Missouri; d. 1838, Johnson County, Missouri.

3j. William COCKRELL was born about 1785 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He died in 1862 in
        Wolfe County, Kentucky. He married 1) Nancy WRIGHT, 1812, in Kentucky and 2) Rhoda
        MCQUINN December 30, 1846 in Breathitt County, Kentucy. William COCKRELL and Nancy
        WRIGHT had the following children:
        4a. Felix Grundy COCKRELL, b. January 1, 1813, Kentucky; married Elizabeth CRAIG.
        5a. Felix Grundy COCKRELL, Jr.
        4b. Martin COCKRELL, b. September 14,1814, Kentucky; d. August 1835
        4c. John Wesley COCKRELL, b. March 22, 1816, Kentucky; d. October 18, 1885, Dallas County,
        Texas; married Sarah WILSON, February 25, 1838, Johnson County, Missouri.
        4d. Shelton COCKRELL, b. March 13, 1817, Kentucky; died in Missouri.
        4e. Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. January 27, 1819, Kentucky. She married William DAVIS.
5a. Evoline DAVIS, b. 1835; d. 1859; married Samuel HARGIS
5b. Katherine DAVIS, b. 1837, married Benjamin SEWELL
5c. Juliann DAVIS, b. 1839; married William Grey HARGIS

4f. Claiborn COCKRELL, b. January 20, 1821; died 1849
4g. Dulcena COCKRELL, b. January 11, 1824, Kentucky; married ? DAVENPORT
4h. Julia Ann COCKRELL, b. February 28, 1826, Kentucky; d. Missouri; married ? BOLEN
4i. William COCKRELL, Jr. b. March 9, 1829, Missouri
4j. Nancy COCKRELL, b. March 31, 1832; married ? DICKENSON
3k. James COCKRELL was born in 1786 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He married 1) Miss
        TURNER and 2) Nancy Mariah STOVALL in 1833. James died 28 Nov 1843 in Johnson County,
          Children of James COCKRELL and Miss TURNER:
4a. Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. 1821, Howard County, Missouri; married Greenville CRISP on
        August 6, 1836 in Johnson County, Missouri.
        5a. John T. CRISP, b. 1838, Missouri
        5b. James C. CRISP, b. 1840, Missouri
        5c. Riddni CRISP, b. 1841, Missouri
        5d. Parmelia CRISP, b. 1843, Missouri
        5e. Monroe P. CRISP, b. 1845, Missouri
        5f. Sarah L. CRISP, b. 1849, Missouri
4b. Lydia COCKRELL, died on the road to Oregon; married John EDMONDSON

Children of James COCKRELL and Nancy STOVALL:
        5g. Nancy COCKRELL, b. August 2, 1838; d. January 26, 1920; married James H.
LONGACRE October 18, 1854.
                     5h. Maria COCKRELL, b. 1843; married Charles HOOD
3l . Morgan COCKRELL was born about 1788 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He married 1) Dicey
        ??? and 2) Hannah ANDREWS 3 Feb 1833 in Layfayette County, Missouri. Morgan COCKRELL
        died about 11 July 1842 in Johnson County, Missouri.

          Child of Morgan COCKRELL and Dicey ?:
4a. Nancy COCKRELL, b. April 1, 1831, Johnson County, Missouri; d. October 8, 1906, Johnson
        County, Missouri. She married Barksdale Samuel WEST May 28, 1844, in Johnson County,
        Missouri, son of William WEST and Anna ROBERTS.
        5a. Sarah E. WEST, b. September 30, 1846, Johnson County, Missouri; d. December 9,
1846, Johnson County, Missouri
                     5b. Tabitha A. WEST, b. March 19, 1848, Johnson County, Missouri; d. March 25, 1862,
                              Johnson County, Missouri.
                     5c. William M. WEST, b. September 6, 1850, Johnson County, Missouri; d. April 16,
                              1862, Johnson County, Missouri
                     5d. Mary Francis WEST, b. May 7, 1854, Texas; married George Crain TOLAND on
    December 25, 1872, Johnson County, Missouri; d. before 1900
                     5e. Alexander Joshua WEST, b. August 2, 1858, Johnson County, Missouri; d. 1923, Sharon,
Woodward County, Oklahoma; married Emeline Mariah OVERLY, 1887, Johnson County, Missouri, daughter of Isaac OVERLY and Mary KRAUSE
                     5f. Dosha Emeline WEST, b. November 21, 1861; married Ulyses Grant EDWARDS
                     5g. James Samuel WEST, b. April 6, 1865, Hazel Hill Township, Johnson County, Missouri;
d. 1943, Jackson County, Missouri; married Ida Belle BLEVINS, December 9, 1890, Johnson County, Missouri, daughter of Wilson BLEVINS and Mary TRACY
                     5h. Charlotte WEST, b. March 31, 1867; d. March 13, 1869, Johnson County, Missouri
                     5i. Hanna Ann WEST, b. March 31, 1870; married Edgar REDFORD
                     5j. Issac Kirby WEST, b. 1873
                     5k. Katheryn Ellen WEST, b. January 12, 1875, Johnson County, Missouri; d. May 12, 1937,
Johnson County, Missouri; married William Abslom ADAMS, September 1, 1896, Johnson County, Missouri, son of Henderson ADAMS and Mary FARLEY
                    Children of Morgan COCKRELL and Hanna ANDREWS:
4b. Alexander COCKRELL, b. about 1834, Johnson County, Missouri; d. after 1875, near
        Lawrence, Kansas; married Hannah Elizabeth KIRBY February 2, 1851 in Johnson, Missouri.
        5a. Mary COCKRELL, b. 1851, Missouri
        5b. Morgan COCKRELL, b. 1852, Missouri
        5c. George W. COCKRELL, b. 1854, Missouri
        5d. William COCKRELL, b. 1856, Missouri
        5e. Joseph COCKRELL, b. 1857, Missouri
        5f. Tabitha COCKRELL, b. 1859, Missouri; married J. Hulet WHITE, 1880
        5g. P(olly) COCKRELL, b. 1860, Missouri
        5h. Susan COCKRELL, b. 1862, Missouri; m. ? KIRBY
        5i. Sam COCKRELL, b. 1863, Missouri
        5j. N(eil) COCKRELL, b. 1864, Missouri
        5k. Simon COCKRELL, b. October 16, 1864, Kansas; d. January 9, 1936; married Mary
Ann DOBSON, July 22, 1897
                     5l. Wyman COCKRELL, b. 1868, Kansas
                     5m. Julia COCKRELL, b. 1869, Kansas
                     5n. Simson COCKRELL, b. 1869, Kansas
                     5o. Alexander “Zan” COCKRELL, b. 1874, Kansas; d. 1929
                    4c. Tabitha COCKRELL, b. about 1835, Johnson County, Missouri; married Samuel KIRBY,
        March 26, 1849, Johnson County, Missouri
4d. Sarah “Sally” COCKRELL, b. about 1838 in Johnston County, Missouri. She married 1)
        James Shelton FITZGERALD, November 6, 1851 in Johnson County, Missouri, son of
        Johnston FITZGERALD and Joyce and 2) James SHARP September 25, 1859.

Child of Sarah COCKRELL and James FITZGERALD:
        5a. Nancy Jane FITZGERALD, b. June 7, 1854, Johnston County, Missouri; d. December 30
1890, Oneida, Kansas; married Parry Andrew OLINGHOUSE son of Isara OLINGHOUSE and Urzilla LARGENT
        5b. Hannah Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. 1856
Children of Sarah COCKRELL and James SHARP:
        5c. Joel SHARP, b. 1861, Missouri
        5d. Sarah Tabitha SHARP, b. 1862, Missouri
        5e. James M. SHARP, b. 1866, Missouri
        5f. William A. SHARP, b. 1870, Missouri
        5g. George SHARP, b. 1873, Missouri
        5h. Jessie SHARP, b. 1876, Missouri
        5i. Infant SHARP, b. 1879, Arkansas
4d. William COCKRELL, b. 1840, Johnson County, Missouri; d. 1868; married Elizabeth A. STEVENS, October 16, 1859, Johnson County, Missouri.
4e. James COCKRELL, b. about 1842, Johnson County, Missouri
3m. Alexander COCKRELL was born in 1792 in Powell Valley, Wise County, Virginia. He married
        Sarah Elizabeth HELM before 1817 in Washington County, Indiana. Alexander COCKRELL died
        before October 14, 1858 in Pottawatamie County, Kansas. Children of Alexander COCKRELL and
        Sarah Elizabeth HELM:
          4a. Son COCKRELL, b. before 1820
4b. Mordecai COCKRELL, b. October 6, 1821, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; d. August 8,
        1898, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; married Keziah Whitely BISHOP, December 1, 1842,
        Clay County, Illinois. Their children are:
        5a. Martha A. COCKRELL, b. 1844; d. 1885; married Samuel LEMONS, January 1, 1868,
          Pottawatamie County, Kansas.
        5b. Susan A. COCKRELL, b. March 14, 1845, Clay County, Illinois; d. August 21, 1880,
Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas; married Pollard CARNAHAN, September 17, 1867, Pottawatamie County, Kansas.
                     5c. Centhala COCKRELL, b. 1846, Clay County, Illinois; married Hosea SPRINGER,
                              December 25, 1866, Pottawatamie County, Kansas
                     5d. Moses COCKRELL, b. 1849 Clay County, Illinois; married Sarah L. QUICK, June 13,
                              1873, Newton County, Missouri
        5e. Mary Seville COCKRELL, b. 1851, Clay County, Illinoise; married Anderson LONG,
1871, Pottawatamie County, Kansas
                     5f. Esther O. COCKRELL, b. April 23, 1853, Missouri; d. February 7, 1916, Pottawatamie
                              County, Kansas; married 1) ? DAHARSH, before 1870; and married 2) John SPRINGER
                              April 24, 1871, Pottawatamie County, Kansas
                     5g. Margaret COCKRELL, b. about 1854, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; d. Pottawatamie
                              County, Kansas
                     5h. Frances S. COCKRELL, b. 1854, Missouri; d. October 5, 1911, Oklahoma; married John
                               CONNER, 1879, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas
                     5i. Sarah Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. September 1, 1857, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; died
1954, Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas; married 1) William Andrew SHELTON, Kansas and 2) George THOMAS.
                     5j. Emma Jane COCKRELL, b. December 17, 1859, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; died
October 5, 1911, Lamont, Oklahoma; married James Henry Walker ROBERTSON, December 5, 1876, Newton County, Missouri
                     5k. Simon B. COCKRELL, b. November 7, 1863, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; died .                                        Kansas; married Aggie DICK May 6 , 1888, Jackson County, Kansas
4c. Moses William COCKRELL, b. 1822, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; d. August 8,
        1882, Newtonia, Newton County, Missouri; married Margaret CRAIG, May 1854, Clay
        County, Illinois. Their children are:
        5a. Alexander COCKRELL, b. December 13, 1841, Clay County, Illinois; d. July 30, 1916,
High Valley, Union County, Oregon; married Elvira HUTCHINSON October 7 1866, Newtonia, Newton County, Missouri
        5b. Francis Marion COCKRELL, b. June 30, 1842, Clay County, Illinois; d. August 8,1910,
Clarinda, Delaware County, Oklahoma; married 1) Mary Minerva SELLERS, 1863, Hartsville, Wright County, Missouri and 2) Priscilla Matilda MORRIS, April 12, 1878, Newton County, Missouri
                     5c. Sarah S. COCKRELL, b. 1846, Marion County, Illinois; married ? HARS
                     5d. Simon Boliver COCKRELL, b. 1849, Rocky Comfort, McDonald County, Missouri;
d. 1905, Missouri; married Leanna J. DEPRIEST, October 26, 1871, Newton County, Missouri
                     5e. Martha “Mattie” E. COCKRELL, b. 1851, Marion County, Missouri; d. 1931; married
                              Benjamin L. SHEPARD before 1870 in Cass County, Missouri
4d. Elizabeth Jane COCKRELL, b. April 2, 1825, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; died
        September 20, 1864, Rocky Comfort, McDonald County, Missouri; married Henry STIPP
        April 28, 1842 in Maysville, Clay County, Illinois. Their childrn are:
        5a. William Franklin STIPP, b. February 26, 1842
        5b. Mary A. STIPP, b. 1844
        5c. Joseph Ward STIPP, b. August 31, 1844
        5d. Simon B. STIPP, b. March 8, 1847
        5e. George Washington STIPP, b. October 12, 1852, Clay County, Illinois; d. January 29,
1913, Mansfield, Wright County, Missouri; married Sarah Isabelle COCKRELL July 17, 1899, Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas.
                     5f. Sarah Savilla STIPP, b. October 12, 1852, Clay County, Illinois; d. March 24, 1949,
Bentonville, Arkansas; married Richard Anderson BARNES, October 28, 1868, Neosho, Missouri
                     5g. Amanda STIPP, b. October 8, 1856
                     5h. Francis Marion STIPP, b. February 3, 1862
                    4e. Celia Ann COCKRELL, b. November 14, 1825, Lavona, Washington County, Indiana; died
        February 26, 1908, Louisberg, Miami County, Kansas; married 1) James Thomas SHELTON,
        October 8, 1845 in Illinois and 2) William Pleasant BLAIR, June 15, 1865, in Spring Valley
        Twp., Miami County, Kansas.
Children of James SHELTON and Celia Ann COCKRELL:
        5a. Sarah Catherine SHELTON, b. September 7, 1846
        5b. William Andrew SHELTON, b. May 21, 1848, Marion County, Illinois; d. October 1,
          1916, Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas; married Sarah Elizabeth COCKRELL, Kansas
        5c. Thomas Benton SHELTON, b. February 4, 1850
        5d. Alexander SHELTON, b. December 9, 1852
        5e. Amanda Melvina SHELTON, b. November 10, 1853
        5f. Simon Boliver SHELTON, b. December 17, 1856
        5g. Felix Grundy SHELTON, b. November 4, 1858

Children of William BLAIR and Celia Ann COCKRELL:
        5h. Ida Medora BLAIR, b. December 2, 1866
        5i. Flora Ellen BLAIR, b. March 7, 1871

4f. George W. COCKRELL, b. September 7, 1827, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; d. July
        21, 1904, Perkin, Payne County, Oklahoma; married Eliza Jane JONES PICKLE, March 20,
        1844, Clay County, Illinois. Their children are:
        5a. Amanda Melvina COCKRELL, b. February 1, 1847, Xenia, Clay County, Illinois; died
April 12, 1912, Pottawatamie County, Kansas; married John Willis GARRETT, November 12, 1865, Onaga, Pottawatamie County, Kansas
                     5b. Cornelius Redman COCKRELL, b. March 24, 1849, Harrisonville, Cass County,
    Missouri; d. December 8, 1921, Byron, Oklahoma
                     5c. John F. COCKRELL, b. September 8, 1850, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri; died
                              July, 1914, Calumet, Canadian County, Oklahoma; married Harriet MESKIMENS, 1875
                     5d. Mary H. COCKRELL, b. October 21, 1853
                     5e. Sarah Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. January 10, 1857
                    4g. Alexander COCKRELL, b. 1829, Washington County, Indiana; probably died young.
                    4h. Simon Boliver COCKRELL, b. October 19, 1831, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; died
        October 21, 1899, Freeman, Cass County, Missouri; married Margaret Jane MANN, about
4i. Thomas Jefferson COCKRELL, b. July 6, 1832, Salem, Washington County, Indiana; died
        May 4, 1916, Madison, Riley County, Kansas; married Keziah C. CHURCH December 28,
        1851, Marion County, Illinois. Their children are:
        5a. Louise A. COCKRELL, b. August 31, 1852, Marion County, Illinois
        5b. Francis Marion COCKRELL, b. February 1, 1854, Marion County, Illinois
        5c. Amanda Perlina COCKRELL, b. April 9, 1856, Granby, Newton County, Missouri;
died March 17, 1947, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas; married William Oliver AMES August 7, 1873, Newton, Missouri.
                     5d. Columbus Jefferson COCKRELL, b. April 9, 1856, Cass County, Missouri; d. July 7,
    1951, Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana; married Henrietta Susan GRINER,
November 6, 1882, Galata, Toole County, Montana
                     5e. Margaret J. COCKRELL, b. May 14, 1857, Granby, Newton County, Missouri
                     5f. David Alexander COCKRELL, b. April 1, 1860, Granby, Newton County, Missouri;
died January 7, 1924, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma; married 1) Mary Jane STARRY and 2) Patty Jane LAMBERT, December 3, 1894, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.
                     5g. Sarah Elizabeth COCKRELL, b. January 10, 1861, Granby, Newton County, Missouri;
                              died March 10, 1945; married Adrian MILES.
                     5h. John J. COCKRELL, b. January 31, 1865, Granby, Newton County, Missouri; died
                              December 7, 1934; married Nora POOL, September, 1917.
                     5i. Mary Lydia COCKRELL, b. January 31, 1866, Granby, Newton County, Missouri; died
March 4, 1943, Helena, Lewis & Clark County, Montana; married 1) William MCCARTNEY July 4, 1888 and 2) Arthur P. JOHNSTON, September 30, 1900.
                     5j. William T. Sherman COCKRELL, b. March 25, 1867, Granby, Newton County,
    Missouri; died February 21, 1932; married Harriet Eliza HURD, November, 1893.
                     5k. Ulysses Grant COCKRELL, b. March 25, 1868, Granby, Newton County, Missouri;
                              died April 15, 1951, Monterey, Monterey County, California; married Etta SMITH,
                              December, 1897.

4j. Julia Ann COCKRELL, b. March 3, 1834, Clay County, Illinois; d. June 14, 1918, Riley
        County, Kansas; married William S. CRAIG, March 28, 1853, Clay County, Illinois:
        5a. James Henry CRAIG
        5b. Laura C. CRAIG
        5c. Sarah E. CRAIG
        5d. Mary E. CRAIG
        5e. Ira L. CRAIG
4k. Felix Grundy COCKRELL, b. December 7, 1836, Clay County, Illinois; d. April 4, 1897,
        Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas; married Sarah Elizabeth MORGAN, September 25, 1870,
        Wilson County, Kansas.
        5a. Anna Esther COCKRELL, b. 1874; d. young
        5b. Esther COCKRELL, b. 1871; d. 1871, age 1 month
        5c. Hattie COCKRELL, b. 1877
                     5d. Francis COCKRELL, b. 1888, d. 1891
                          5e. Henry COCKRELL
                     5f. Laura COCKRELL married her first cousin Sam COCKRELL
                     5g. Wallace COCKRELL, b. 25 February 1880; d. December 8, 1970; married Grace E.
    REED, Aug 2, 1900
4l. Easter V. COCKRELL, b. November 1, 1841, Clay County, Illinois; died September 8, 1878,
        Kansas; married Buel H. FULLER, March 19, 1863, Riley County, Kansas.
4m. Francis Marion COCKRELL, b. 1844, Clay County, Illinois; died young
Russell County Virginia Tax List 1787 COCKRELL, Simon 0 1 0 5 28 1791
COCKRELL, Simon an Ensign from Russell County, Virginia in the Virginia Militia 1791
Simon member from Russell County, Virginia in Virginia General Assembly 1793-1800
· Simon COCKRELL on Tax List Russell County, Virginia 1798-1799
· Simon COCKRELL member of Virginia General Assembly.
· 1802 Russell County, Virginia Tax List
· Simon COCKRELL Daniel COCKRELL 28 Jun 1803 Simon COCKRELL sold land in Russell County, Virginia