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     Below are several notes about the Whites in the Burgess line: They include
two Nathan Whites, one connected to this Burgess family, and one who is not.
Mike Burgess shows proof of the separation in his book. Pg. 11

Other surnames with connection to the Burgess surname: NEALE, DEARING,

Shirley Simms, I do follow this.. to a point that is. I have this Burgess
line. And I happen to have the excellent source written by Michael Burgess
and his wife, Mary W., " The House of Burgesses, A Genealogical History of
the Burgess Family" published by Burgess and Wickizer, in 1994.

Pg. 11: (I may abbreviate at times)
Mary Burgess:
"Mary (II) Born 3 Nov 1736 O. S. in King George Co, VA (St Paul's Parish
Register), listed as the daughter of RICHARD Burges (no mother given)."
Mike explains there are indications that the register had later been
recopied (by hand) with gaps from the original filled in from memory. He
believes this is why Richard is listed as Mary's father. Mike says, " (This
is the first Burgess name in the book, probably not long after the family
joined the church; an abbreviated Rich'd. and Edw'd would look much alike if
scrawled); or it may be that there were simply two unrelated persons of the
name. There is no other record of a Richard Burges in this part of Virginia
during this time."

"Mary Burgess is mentioned as unmarried in her presumed father's will on 9
Jan 1759. She married Nathan(iel) Shipweth White on 15 Apr 1759 in Stafford
Co, VA (St Paul's Parish Register), and had at least the following children:
Roderick (born 3 Oct 1760 in Stafford Co. [St Paul's Parish Register], may
have married Mary _____, had children: Elizabeth Grant "Betsy" and Mary
Pannel 'Polly,' and died 1790 in Spotsylvania Co, VA [Will Bk #E, pg.
1012-1014, dated 23 Sep 1790, probated 7 Dec 1790.]"

Also Pg 11 [S's note: Another Nathan S White]
"Nathan S White was a clock and watch maker. He is mentioned as receiving a
£1-- bond from George Long on 7 Jul 1761 [Spotsylvania Co. Will Book #b, pg.
535, dated 3 Aug 1761] pending resolution of a lawsuit, as witnessing a bond
between Wm. Elliott of Pr Wm. Co, and Thos. Chilton of Westmoreland Co.
(Fauquier Co. Deed Bk #2, pg. 164-165, dated 25 June 1764, the estate was
probated 20 Apr 1774), as being owed money by the estate of Nimrod Ashby
(Fauq. Co. Will Bk #1, pg 243); Ashby died in 1764, the estate was probated
20 Apr 1774.) They (S's note: our Mary Burgess & Nathan White) are NOT
the same Nathan & Mary White who moved to Frederick Co, VA by 5 Nov 177.
(Evidently from Pennsylvania), when they were admitted to the Hopewell
Friends Church, leaving children: Ann (M'd Goldsmith Chandlee); Sarah (m'd
Abraham Branson); Lydia; Nathaniel Jr; Nancy; Dinah. A possible grandson of
Nathan, Nathan S White(1817-1888), lived in Jefferson Co, WV. Mary White
died by 21 Jul 1763, when her husband is mentioned with a new wife,
Sharlotte (Pr. William Co., Deed Bk #Q, p 5-6) Relationship not verified,
but likely. "

So this further proves that Mary & Nathan While had only one son, Roderick

The property involved in the estate of Edward Burgess was purchased from
John Seamans, with wife Elizabeth examined & released permission, for 6,000
lbs of " Good sound merchantable TOBACCO in cask"

1 Apr 1731:
Interrupted Quote from Pg 13 of book above:
"..... made the first Day of April in the year of our Lord Christ one
Thousand seven Hundred & Thirty one between John Seamans of the Parish of
Farnham in the county of Richmond Planter of the one part and Edward Burges
of the Parish of Hanover in the county of King George Planter of the other
part..... 100 acres of Land Lying on the main Ridge between the Rivers of
Rappahanock & Pertomack (Potomac, surely) part in King George and part in
Stafford County & Bounded as followeth (viz) a Locust Post standing in
the Line of the Land of Benjamin Sribling ...... to a Red Oak Corner tree of
Henry Berryes land..... then .. to an old Red Oak Corner tree of the Land of
Maj John Fitzhughs then along sd ... line ... bounded is part of a Tract of
Land formerly granted to Mr. Sim Cox by Patent..from the Proprietors of the
Northern Neck of Virginia Bareing Date the first Day of March in the year of
our Lord one Thousand six Hundred & ninty four or five and sol by Sim Cox to
Joseph Seamans."

If I read correctly, the suit below shows that the immigrant, Edward Burgess
mentioned what his daughter was to receive, in his will (1 feather bed &
furniture, 1 cow & calf). Plus £8 to his sons Edw. Moses & Reuben. All the
rest was left to Edward's wife, Margaret, with stipulations after her death.
The dau. (Mary) & husband (Nathaniel White) died before mother, Margaret.
The child, Roderick has come to court to see that his best interests are
protected. [Very common in that era.]

Witnesses to above deed:
Thomas Catlett, William Strother, Jos Berry
Signed by John Seamons
Clerk of the Court: T Turner

The sale of this original Burgess land occurred: 10 Oct 1797.
From Mike B's book above: Pg 13
The following were sellers to Humphrey Steward:
Matthew Neal of Fauq Co,
Edward Burgess of Culpeper Co,
Exors of Garner Burgess late of Fauq. Co
Edward Burgess of the Co of Bourboun in the state of KY.

There are a lot of DEARINGS connected to Fauquier Co. I thought I'd show
the connection to the BURGESS line. Maybe someone out there needs it.
Pg 19 of Mike's book:
Mary 'Molly' Burgess, b. 9 Dec 1753 in Stafford Co, VA.
Married Matthew Neal abt 1770 (He was born 1750 & d. 1824)
"The Neales moved to Fauquier Co, possibly at the same time as Garner
Burges. Mentioned in 1802 in the second accounting of her father's estate,
but apparently died between 1810-1820 (not listed in the latter census
record). Matthew Neale was an appraiser (with Garner Burges) of Thomas
Barbee Jr's estate in 1777, and one of his father-in-law's two executors.
Thus he became one of the three co-signers of the 1797 deed of sale of the
original Burgess farm in King George Co. No probate record has been found
for the Neales; however, from Fauquier Co. marriage records they had at
least the following children: [my abbreviations]
Lettice (b.abt 1770, + Henry Miller, 10 Feb 1791
Elizabeth, b.@ 1772, + Hugh Kerrick, (bond 17 Mar 1791)
        (John Burgess provided the bond)
John, b.abt 1776 + his cousin, Margaret Burgess
      (Bond 20 Jan 1801, by Edw Burgess, Margaret's father)
Nancy, b.abt, 1779 + John Priest (bond 4 Jan 1800)
Hannah, b.abt 1781+ Elisha Dearing (bond 28 Dec 1802)
Molly, b. abt 1783 + Samuel Evans (bond 14 May 1804)
Sally, b.abt 1785 + William Dearing 15 Aug 1805
Martha, b.abt 1789 +George Dearing (bond 8 Jan 1811)
Fanny, b.abt 1792 + John Ellis (bond 2 Nov 1812)
Peggy, b.abt 1796 + James Turner (bond 4 Nov 1819)
Lucy, b.abt 1798 + John Dowell (bond3 Feb 1819)
Maybe children.. Thomas & James White "

S's Misc note: Gardner / Gardener is the same as Garner Burgess. And every
male Burgess had to have an Edward. This created so much confusion, they
sometimes substituted Edwin.. though the 'real' & legal name would be
Shirley Starks, Fl.

Shirley Simms wrote"
I typed this extract from the Fauquier Families supplement, and wonder if
anyone knows the outcome of this action?

Just goes to show, some things never change,


Chancery Suits 1789-018

Roderick White v. Gardener Burgess. (Plaintiff is the only child of
Nathaniel White and Mary Burge/Burgess.), both dec'd. On 9th Jan Edward
Burge of Stafford made his will, giving his wife Margaret all of his estate
for life.except dau Mary was to get a bed and one cow and calf, and sons
Edward, Moses and Reuben were to have £8 each. After her death all his
estate was to be sold and divided equally among his 10 children.Gardener,
William,Edward, Moses, Reuben,Sarah, wife of Joseph Reddish, Nanny, wife of
Joseph Rodgers, Peggy of John French, Lettice of John English, and Mary who
later married White. Gardener and William were named executors. Mary died
before her mother, leaving Roderick " an infant of very tender years" who
has just come of age. William died, and deft is the surviving exec. Pltf
wants share of his grandfather's estate. Deft produces a receipt for
delivery of the cow and calf from Margt Burgis signed Nathan Skipwith White,
wit Moses Burgess. Deft. claims William bought the land and kept the
proceeds of the sale of the estate. Copy of will of Edward Burge among
papers (also in 1783-004)

Feb 8, 1998 report on
Garner Family of Fauquier County, Virginia by Jim Burgess
4819 West Erie Street Chandler, Arizona 85226

Fauquier County, Virginia
Cannot locate any of the Garner marriages listed in letter for the children on
Mark’s letter.

Fauquier County 1759-1959 Bi Centenial Book written in 1959 has a section
Listed as Revolution Soldiers. NO WITH THE NAME GARNER IS LISTED.

22 Jul 1762 John Garner (Inventory) Appraised by James Arnold, Wm Morgan, Paul
Williams returned 23 Mar 1764. Will Book 1

23 Aug 1764 Deed Book 2 page 171-176 22-23 Aug 1764 Lease and Release
Between Thomas Mitchell and Susannah, his wife of St Mark’s Parish Culpeper
And Thomas Garner … 100 acres to corner to John Garner… Welch’s t0. North side
Of Tinpott line between John and Thomas Garner. Signed Thomas Mitchell, Susannah
Mitchell Witness William Sturdy, Thomas Helm. 23 Aug 1764 ack. By Thomas

Deed Book 2 page 643-646 24 Nov 1766 B & S Between Thomas Garner and
Elinson, his wife and Susannah Hewitt of King George County …. 150 acres. Which
Thomas Garner inherits as heir at law of his father John Garner, who obtained a patent
For the land…Beg at a bridge in the Road that leads from Falmouth to Great run… lines
Parish Garner..oak by another bridge in the line of Parish Garner..line of thomas
Welch’s deceased. Corner to Mr Thomas Mitchell.. To Tin Pot Run in lines of
Messrs. John and Thoms Garner Junior.. L90 Signed Thos. Garner, Elinson Garner.
Witness W. Blackwell, John Blackwell, Joseph Seavell. Recorded 26 May 1767 proved by
Order of William and John Blackwell and Joseph Seavell.

Deed Book 2 pages 646-649 23 Feb 1766 B & S between Thomas Renoe and Jane
His wife of Detingen Parish Prince William County and Thomas Garner (son of said
Jane)…150 acres…which the said Jane wife of Thomas Renoe, chose for her Dowry of all the
Land of John Garner deceased (late husband of Jane) …L22. Signed Thos. Reno, Jane (X)
Reno, Wit: John Blackwell, Original Young, James Winn, John Nelson, Jos. Hudnall, John
Wright, James Baley. Recorded 28 Apr 1767 proved by order of John Nelson Junior
And Original Young. 29 April by ofder of Josep Hudnall and John Wright and James
Baily but before the execution thereof she declared she would not execute the samue unless
Consideration money was paid or secured to be paid to her and at a court continued on 27 May
1756 the same was OR.

29 Oct 1767
Will Book 1 page 132-133. Ann Garner purchased land from the estate of
Mary Lee (Sale of Estate).

4 May 1758 Marriages Benjamin Garner married Betty Garner 4 May 1768 Fauquier
County, Virginia

23 Jan 1775 Charles Garner appraised the Inventory of Joseph Leavell.

28 Jan 1780 Deed Book 7 pages 2670269 B & S between Sarah Leavell
and Edward Leavell, her son and John Blackwell L1,000 part of a tract formerly
bought of Thomas Garner 100 acres …corner to John Garner… Welch’s line …
elm on north side of Tin Pot Run Signed: Sarah Leavell, Edward Leavell
Witnesses Peter Taylor, Charles Garner, Thomas Bronaugh, Thos. Blackwell, A.
Churchill. Recorded 22 May 1780 by order of Bronaugh, Blackwell, and Armistead

21 Nov 1783 Will Book 2 page 11 Daniel Garner (Inventory) Appraised
by Aaron Fletcher, James Withers, Benjamin Garner Returned 24 November

5 Sep 1789
Will Book 2 page 166
Benjamin Garner Will Wife Diannah Garner all estate during her life.
Exors loving wife, Brother Vincent Garner and James Withers
Signed Benjamin (X) Garner Witnesses James Withers, John Withers,
James (X) Garner
26 Apr 1790 by order of James Withers and John Withers. Certified granted
executrix with Vincent Garner and John Garner her securities.

19 Apr 1790 Will Book 2 page 180
Garner Burgess Parish of Leeds Will Anne Burgess wife children Mary Neal,
Susanna Burgess, Edward Burgess, Jno Burgess, James Burgess and Nancy Burgess
Proved 25 Oct 1790. Have never seen a connection to the Garner family.

Will Book 2 page 238-239 Charles Garner and Presley Garner mentioned in the
Administrators account of Edward Newgent

Will Book 2 page 189-190 Benjamin Garner (inventory) appraised by John Mauzy,
James Withers, James Parr. Returned 27 Jun 1791

28 Aug 1795
Will Book 3 Page 17-18
Vincent Garner Will - son: Vincent Garner, son: James Garner, daughter Sarah
Suttle (wife of William Suttel), Son Jonas Garner, grandson James Withers
Garner, wife Jemimah, after her death estate to be divided among my five children,
Viz. Vincent, William, Jesse Elizabeth Garner and Jemimah Harris wife of William Harris. Exors. Vincent Garner 27 Jun 1796 Proved written 28 Aug 1795.

28 Nov 1793 Will Book 3 page 106-108
Edward Settle (Settlement of Estate) S Garner listed and Jonas Garner listed.

1 Dec 1797 Will Book 3 page 156-157 Lydia Duncan (Sale of Estate) mentions
Jale Garner, Presley Garner,

28 Feb 1798 Will Book 3 page 125-127 Charles Garner Inventory appraised by
Howson Duncan, James (x) Pau, 23 Jul 1798.