Descendants of William R. GIBSON

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. . . is a journey to find your way home. When I started on this journey, I felt that I didn't need to know where I came from or who my people were. As I began to discover that my ancestors had lives and loves and losses, they became more real to me. With this information I began to see who I was and why I was. I became more tolerant of my own family, and love grew deeper. History became personal, I could say " Grandpa was there, I wonder what He thought." As I began to speak with older family members, stories, long forgotten, began to unfold, stories that would have been lost forever. As times change and people have become more mobile we have lost the links to our families, and those links are more important than we know. Humans thirst for that connection, we all want to know "who am I, where did I come from, and why". Every Family needs a historian, genealogist, story gatherer, to help those that will come, to feel connected in this life.

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